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1 hour from 100€. 30 minutes, from 60€


Erotic Massage for Couples in Madrid

20% Couple Massage on Sundays


Visual Massage, with Two Masseuses

From 150€


Degustation Massage

60 minutes, 100€. From 11:00 to 16:00



The Erotic Universe of Majestic

More than ten years working in Plaza Santa Ana support Majestic’s trajectory as a benchmark in the world of sensual and erotic massages. We are currently located in Madrid capital, in the tourist area next to the Gran Vía metro.

Majestic offer the most original erotic and tantric massages, with the highest quality and elaboration of different techniques, at the hands of the most sensual Spanish masseuses.

Individually or as a couple, you can enjoy body to body massages, nuru massage, lingam and yoni massage, as well as a simple and introductory relaxing massage for those who want to be initiated into the world of erotic massage. Our erotic Massage center is located in the capital Madrid, in the tourist and leisure area: Montera Street.

We invite you to meet us without obligation, by appointment: one of our masseuses will show you the facilities and answer any questions while accompanying you on the visit.


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Massages Menu


Muscle relaxer with a dressed masseuse

1h 80€

Body to body

Receiving massage with the hands and the arms of the masseuse accompanied by a soft body massage. If you wish you can finish with a lingam massage.

1h 100€ /30 minutes 60€

Mutual light

Enjoy a relaxing massage session performed with hands-and-body session of the masseuse. She will invite you to participate guiding you to touch her.


1h 130€ /30 minutes 70€

Visual light

Essentially like the mutual light but in the final part you will enjoy the company of two masseuses in the last 30 minutes ending in a sensual tantric posture.


1h 150€

Intense mutual

High erotic intensity. The masseuse uses her hands, arms, fetiche feet, legs and buttocks to make you feel unique sensations. 30 minutes of Tantric-Erotic postures where you can freely caress her body before climax. Possibility of prostatic massage or erotic toys.


90min 250€ / 70min 200€ / 40min 120€

Intense visual 

Only for the braves!. Essence of intense mutual includes 40 minutes with two masseuses: show between them (you can participate freely) sensual postures and a final super relax. You can include prostatic massage.

70 minutes 250€


Original massage with feet and buttocks of the masseuse all over your body, heart-stopping ending in front of a mirror, sensual sliding dance on your skin. Add double ecstasy with two masseuses in the final part in the infinity version 80 minutes, 300€

80 minutes 250€


Our favorite massage. Majestic star for those who always seek the best. We use the real guru gel so you can feel all the body of your masseuse gliding gently over you. Dare to try it and you will not want any other massage.

40 minutes 160€ / 90 minutes 270€

*Possibility of erotic shower with your masseuse and double relax. Naked version.


Frequently Asked Questions

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You want an erotic massage, but you have doubts? We clarify them

Can anyone come to your center?
Of course; the only requirements are being of legal age and knowing how to enjoy your Erotic Session in any of its variants by corresponding to the exquisite treatment you will receive from your masseuse.
If you come alone, as a couple, with friends … if it’s the first time you try it … If you want to surprise someone … do not hesitate to request your appointment!!

How far do you go in your sessions?
We have the privilege of having a team of massage, dance and performance professionals who are true artists of eroticism and sensuality. Although it’s true that in the most elaborate massages the excitement becomes very high, explicit sex will not be performed in any case; you will still be relaxed in body and mind, and we’re sure that you will not miss it at all.

I am a woman and from what I know about 'tantra massage' centers, they seem to me to be average massage places with some kind of sex at the end, which use that term to scam the staff. Why should I try yours?
We are not surprised that you hesitate to visit us; unfortunately, we agree with you on the terrible impression you get when the search for fun and healthy adult entertainment leads to one frustration after another.
It’s difficult, after going through bad experiences, to get a person to change their mind; even more so in the case of women, since we perceive the vulgarization of sex on a daily basis…
But we ask you to try one more time: Majestic has been founded by women and developed by an unparalleled team of vocational artists; with a sense of elegance, timing, innuendo, subtlety and graciousness that’s unique in all of Madrid.
At our Center, massage is part of a Session, and this includes a whole series of “forms of expression” naturally integrated into it; this combination of the small personal “arts” of each masseuse is what makes the service we offer unique. And we are all very proud of it!

But is authentic tantra really taught in your sessions?
We do not intend to confuse anyone on this point, so here (and when you call by phone) we make it clear: the Massages we practice are eminently Erotic, although it is true that many people tend to search for eroticism using the word “tantra”, so that’s why we mention it in our website. We do not practice Tantra at our Center; it’s true that we take some ideas from this philosophy and apply them, in our own way, in the Massages: taking the sexuality of the person naturally, enjoying the entire journey without constantly thinking about the arrival, never forgetting mutual respect and remembering that you always learn something new…
But if what you are looking for is Authentic Tantra, there are very serious and very professional centers in Madrid that specialize in it. Soon we will put up links to some of them that we find worthwhile.

Could you suggest a couple of ideas for a celebration with some friends?
There is a lot to choose from…
In the case of special events, Majestic Massages puts all its experience at your disposal to prepare together the best farewells, birthdays, celebrations … Instant no-obligation quote.

What means of payment do you offer?
It is possible to pay the amount of the chosen session in cash or by card (VISA, MasterCard).
In the case of large amounts for celebrations, bank transfers are also accepted.

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