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Looking for a gay erotic massage in Madrid? Because it is time that we put aside the predetermined ideas, maintaining privacy and respect, in our center there are also highly experienced gay-oriented masseurs.

In gay erotic massages, our Body to Body, Mutual Light, Gelium … specialties adapt to the richness and elaborate sensuality that this sector demands, very naturally and without communication, initiative and relaxation problems.


What kind of erotic massage does Majestic offer for gay audiences?

Nuru Gelium Gay Massage

The Nuru Gay massage is the adaptation of Majestic. Aerial pleasure and complex and surprising techniques.

Majestic Gelium provides the decontracting massage technique by pressing with the feet in key areas of the muscles.

Maximum eroticism within the gay universe offered drop by drop, in a session that seems like torture but that invites you to stay eternally in the hands of your masseur.

A lot of activity is required on the part of the masseur, as well as the recipient of the massage: balance, self-control and a lot of imagination to apply various erotic techniques in a thousand different ways.

It is tiring but energizing, difficult but challenging that you enjoy trying your best. An original delight of relaxation and sensual massage for gays, designed for people with an artistic-body inclination.


  • 40 minutes, € 140
  • 70 minutes, € 250

Intense Mutual Massage

The Intense Gay Mutual Session at Majestic Massages is designed to maximize the excitement without forgetting a deep work on the muscles.

Therefore, this gay massage will include:

  1. A first section of face down and face up muscle relaxation
  2. Sensual techniques with feet, legs and buttocks by the masseur
  3. Application of relaxing exotic material – feathers, herbal pindas, hot stones, etc.
  4. Prostate massage if you want to try this special stimulation technique
  5. A series of postures inspired by tantra, during which the masseuse and his patient will develop a controlled but very intense and holistic approach to pleasure: the most intimate energy flows throughout the body, not only in the obvious erogenous zones … and therefore rises much more and is more difficult to control

It is longer than usual and its erotic part invades almost the entire session. Indicated for those with experience or with facility for the expression of emotions with the body.


  • 40 minutes, € 120 70 minutes, € 200

Light Mutual Massage

The Mutuo Light gay massage is designed for those who want a good relaxing massage on the whole body and also be able to interact with their masseur.

It is a set of tantric-inspired techniques adapted to the gay universe, with special involvement on the part of the masseur, developing relaxing pressures that relieve stress throughout the body.

From head to toe and without exception, leading to the sensuality of the body touch and the invitation to interact with it in a guided way.

During the session, hands, forearms and chest will be used. In addition, the receiver will be initiated in the application of these sensual and relaxing practices in a calm and relaxed way.


  • 30 minutes, € 70
  • 1 hour, € 130

Body to Body Massage

simple erotic part with the body of the masseur.

It is performed on a massage futon in one of our Themed Rooms, using essential oils, moisturizer (especially to soften the driest areas of the skin) and the masseur’s own body.

Gay body to body massage is very relaxing and does not include active interaction with the masseur, it is about letting yourself go and enjoying the sensual experience.


  • 30 minutes, € 60
  • 1 hour, € 100

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