Erotic Massages for Couples in Madrid

The best erotic for couples in Madrid

In couple everything is enjoyed twice as much, discover the best erotic and tantric massages for couples in Madrid. Whether you want something very light with contact only between you, or if you want something very spicy but elegant; in Majestic, your erotic massage center, you have all the options.

Erotic massage for couples

In erotic couple massages the main thing is to generate a lot of sensuality and eroticism, in a very elegant and subtle way, but at the same time intense. Encourage creativity between both, complicity and encourage you to use your whole body to surprise your partner.

We will welcome you with champagne and chocolates while you chat with your masseuse(s) and clarify your doubts and preferences. The most important thing is that you get a massage according to your taste.

After this introduction, you will take a relaxing shower while the masseuse prepares your room. Everything will be ready for your erotic couple massage session, Majestic Couples.

Types of erotic massages for couples

In the heart of Madrid, we offer four types of erotic massages for the most daring couples. All of them include reception with champagne and chocolates, 75 minutes of massage (with a masseuse), 15-20 minutes of courtesy – you can choose if you want to stay alone or in company of the masseuse – and shower before and after.

Body to Body Massage: receiving massage with body to body.

Mutual Light Massage: you can interact with the masseuse in a guided way.

Intense Mutual Massage: high eroticism. Tantric techniques, direct interaction with the masseuses, exotic material, prostate/perineal massage if desired and much more.

Extreme Intense Massage: the most erotic and technically difficult option. It combines nuru massage, aerial techniques and a lot of initiative on the part of the couple.

In addition, we offer three different modalities, with different degrees of interaction between masseuse and partner. Each one, in addition, has a different price.

Tantric massage for couples in Madrid

Both of you will receive a massage with one or two masseuses in your chosen Theme Room. whenever you wish, they will take you to the climax but without exceeding the limits of eroticism. Only using erotic techniques based on Tantra, which are the ones that give originality to your session and make your massage unique. You can also stay alone near the end of the Session.

Also, if your fantasy is to give a four hands massage to your partner (you and a masseuse) you can request it at the beginning of the session.

Body to body

150€ / 1 masseuse
200€ / 2 masseuses

Mutual light

195€ / 1 masseuse
260€ / 2 masseuses

Mutual intense

300€ / 1 masseuse
400€ / 2 masseuses

Special intense extreme

375€ / 1 masseuse
500€ / 2 masseuses

Nuru massage

375€ / 1 masseuse
500€ / 2 masseuses

Erotic massage for couples - Voyeur Variety

Designed for those who have the fantasy of watching their partner being given an erotic massage while they watch and enjoy the show.

Body to body

110€ / 1 masseuse

Mutual light

145€ / 1 masseuse

Mutual intense

210€ / 1 masseuse

Special intense extreme

275€ / 1 masseuse

Nuru massage

275€ / 1 masseuse

Erotic Massage for Couples - Mirror Variety

Conceived for all those for whom it is their first time and wish to have an erotic massage as light as possible with their boyfriend or girlfriend . In this variety, the members of the couple only interact with each other, while the masseuses develop on a futon next to each other all the muscular massage. All erotic techniques for the partner to “mirror” with them. It is very sensual, creative and a very romantic experience.

Body to body

180€ / 2 masseuses

Mutual intense

320€ / 2 masseuses

Happy ending massages for couples

Nothing is more enjoyable than sharing an experience as personal as an erotic massage with your partner. The complicity that is established between the two is also transferred to the masseuse who participates in the experience. Receiving a tantric or erotic massage as a couple stimulates sensations, awakens the senses and provokes a much more intense pleasure. The intensity of the moment is increased because it is not a solo massage, but is shared with a person you know and can actively participate.

A couple’s massage is more than just receiving care from a professional who knows what she is doing. It is to feel part of a sensory tide that brings a couple even closer together. With the bridge that represents the professional massage, the intimacy between the couple grows, is enhanced and a unique and special experience is created.

A couple’s massage with a happy ending allows both partners to integrate and the presence and action of the masseuse allows them to release the tension of everyday life and establish new bonds. Discover together how to spend a special moment that strengthens the relationship and unites even more. With a female or male masseuse, or with both, you will enjoy sensations that you will not forget. Learn more about our happy ending massages in Madrid.

Which massage for couples do you recommend?

If it’s your first time, you can try Body2Body: very relaxing and all the interaction is passive, the masseuses do it all.

In Mutual Light the erotic level is a little higher as it includes some postures based on Tantra and guided interaction on the masseuses’ bodies.

In the Mutual Intense massage the eroticism is greaterIt includes the complete set of postures and tantric techniques, many skills are taught to the couple, especially massage with the body, not only with the hands, as well as techniques with bamboo, or hot stones, ayurvedic pindas…

Intenso Extreme is the most erotic, original and varied option. It has the most interaction with your masseuses and it is also the Session that women tend to like the most for its originality, surprises and space for learning. There is nothing like it when it comes to erotic massages for couples all over Madrid!

Our masseurs for couples in Madrid

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