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You have the perfect oriental-Thai massage at Majestic. Are you looking for high doses of eroticism, pleasure and a lot of melee? The Mutuo Light and Visual Light massages are the ideal option for you. Find us in the center of Madrid!


masaje Tailandés Madrid

The Thai massage is performed with the body of the masseuse, in a whirlwind of relaxation and pleasure skillfully mixed. We avoid mechanical massage where, reluctantly, we excite the other person without plan or objective. Develop the art of massage from the first moment, managing to take the recipient through a journey of mental and physical stimulation; that will make you believe that you lose control of yourself.

Light Visual Thai Massage

A Unique Session based on the Thai mutual massage. It is designed for people who have doubts when trying our massages and want a version with less personal interaction, but with greater visual beauty.

The Visual Light begins with a muscle relaxing massage performed by the masseuse on the client. Then, by introducing the Thai Pass, the person will enjoy, comfortably lying down, the art of erotic massage; in a private performance, developed by two masseurs, boy or girl. Your two masseurs will then focus on bringing you to an incredibly intense orgasm, always using hands and body in a subtle and elegant way.

It is the best option for those who are attending an experience in Majestic for the first time and wish to learn and enjoy watching two professionals perform all the techniques that we offer at the center.


  • 1 hour, € 150

Light Mutual Thai Massage

A set of muscle massage techniques and inspiration from Thailand applied to the body of the masseuse.

The entire body of the receiver is treated, from head to toe; with hands, arms, chest and belly. In the second part, she guides you in performing the steps on her own body, with great subtlety and promoting self-control to improve endurance and prolong the pleasure throughout the experience.

The original Thai massage is done by pressing the body with feet and legs. The receiver lying face down, in order to reposition the muscles and bones of the back, softening contractures and tensions accumulated by continued bad posture. In our center we adapt it, expanding it to our entire body, not just feet and legs. In addition, we introduce incitement and sensuality in equal measure.


  • 30 minutes, € 70 1 hour, € 130

Thai Massage Four Hands

Have you ever tried the pleasure of a four-hand Thai massage, in a symmetrical and sensual way? We anticipate that, although it is impossible to describe it in words, it is an unforgettable experience.

It is a very creative and original massage, with a lot of interactivity and in which the sensation of relaxation is maximum, in body and mind.

Two professionals coordinated to perform techniques that they could not do alone. They take advantage of their numerical superiority to torture even more those who dare to put themselves in their hands.

Oriental – Thai massage is offered in different varieties, with a range of different intensity and involvement.

Do not hesitate, ask us and we will help you choose the erotic massage that suits what you are looking for.

Prices (with two masseurs):

  • Body to Body: € 250
  • Light Thai massage: € 260
  • Intense Thai massage: € 400 Gelium: € 500

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