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The best Thai massage in Madrid

The perfect Oriental-Thai massage is available at Majestic. Are you looking for high doses of eroticism, pleasure and a lot of body to body? Mutuo Light and Visual Light massages are the ideal option for you.

Thai massage is performed with the masseuse’s body, in a whirlwind of relaxation and pleasure skillfully blended. We avoid mechanical massage where we repeatedly excite the other person without plan or objective. To develop the art of massage from the very first moment, taking the receiver through a journey of mental and physical stimulation that will make him/her believe that he/she loses control of him/herself.

For the more experienced, we recommend that you dare to test your self-control. With two of our masseuses, choosing a variety of four hands massage; feeling the pleasure of symmetry on your skin and suffering the confabulation of both professionals practicing the Thai pass, conspiring against you.

Visual Light Thai Massage

A Unique Session based on mutual Thai massage. It is designed for people who are hesitant to try our massages and want a version with less personal interaction, but more visual beauty.

Visual Light begins with a muscle relaxing massage performed by the masseuse on the client. Then, introducing the Thai Pass, the person will enjoy, comfortably lying down, the art of erotic massage; in a private performance, developed by two masseuses, boy or girl. Your two masseuses will then focus on bringing you to an incredibly intense orgasm, always using hands and body in a subtle and elegant way.

It is the best option for those who are attending for the first time an experience at Majestic Massage and wish to learn and enjoy watching two professionals performing all the techniques we offer at the center.

150€ / 60 MINUTES

Light Mutual Thai Massage

A set of muscle massage techniques and inspiration from Thailand that are applied with the masseuse’s body.

The entire body of the recipient is treated, from head to toe; with hands, arms, chest and belly. In the second part, she guides you in the realization of the steps on her own body, with great subtlety and encouraging self-control to improve the capacity of endurance and extend the pleasure during the whole experience.

The original Thai massage is performed by pressing the body with feet and legs. The receiver lying face down, with the aim of repositioning the muscles and bones of the back, softening contractures and tensions accumulated by continued bad posture.

In our center we adapt it, extending it to our whole body, not only feet and legs. In addition, we introduce incitement and sensuality in equal parts.

80/ 30 MINUTES
140/ 60 MINUTES

4 Hands Thai Massage, with two masseuses

Have you ever tasted the pleasure of a four-handed Thai massage, symmetrically and sensually? We anticipate that, although it is impossible to describe it in words, it is an unforgettable experience.

It is a very creative and original massage, with a lot of interactivity and in which the feeling of relaxation is maximum, in body and mind. Two professionals coordinated to perform techniques that they could not do alone. They take advantage of their numerical superiority to further torture anyone who dares to get into their hands.

Oriental-Thai massage is offered in different varieties, with a range of intensity and participation. Do not hesitate, ask us and we will help you choose the erotic massage that suits what you are looking for.

Massage prices with two masseuses

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light thai massage


intense thai massage


gelium massage


The best Thai massages in Madrid

There are many types of erotic massage, but of course, Thai massage is one of the most known and requested to enjoy a relaxation never experienced before. People who have received this type of massage before usually ask for it again because of the intensity of the sensations awakened in each session.

What is the Thai pass?

Thai massage has many years of history. It is said to have been found by a physician several centuries ago. This physician adapted the massage techniques with the Ayurvedic healing method and created the massage on which the technique offered today is based. The doctor established the four elements of traditional Thai medicine, of which Thai massage is one. Over time it has been perfected, adding movements and techniques aimed not only at healing the body and mind, but also at pure satisfaction. Although, as with most erotic massages at Majestic Massage, this is just one more step in achieving a state of well-being and satisfaction that goes beyond the attainment of climax. Thai massage serves as the basis for different types of services. It can be used to relax, to release muscle tension or to obtain satisfaction. It is up to each person to know what type of massage he or she needs and to find the one that suits his or her needs.

How is Thai erotic massage different from traditional massage?

Traditional Thai massage is different from Thai erotic massage. Originally, traditional massage does not use oils and is not applied on bare skin. The person receiving it is usually dressed, preferably in loose-fitting clothing that allows him or her to be comfortable.

The erotic Thai massage is different and also seeks to awaken different sensations, with a more western tone of application.

Although in all cases, massages seek to offer well-being to those who enjoy it, Thai massages also seek to offer extra sensuality and eroticism. The action of the professionals who offer this service manages to awaken sensations throughout the body, applying massage techniques in the erogenous zones and others that also awaken the senses.

The experience of the professionals in Thai massage in Madrid is what makes the difference and what makes the person who receives this service get a great benefit to their health and have an erotic experience that has not lived before.

Keys to Thai erotic massage

Do you want to try a Thai erotic massage in Madrid? The first thing you should know is the importance of creating the right ambience. Candlelight, the right scents to create the right atmosphere, the choice of oil and the technique to be used are fundamental for the erotic Thai massage to offer everything the client expects. And that is something that the professionals at Majestic Massage know how to achieve so that the person receiving the massage feels good and gets the pleasure they are looking for.

Our thai massage therapists in Madrid

Masajista erótica Lucia
Masajista erótica Martina
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