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Are you looking for a tantric massage session in Madrid? We perform lingam massage and yoni massage in the traditional way. Using our own body, we have a specialty for the treatment of Chakras or energy centers, including complex tantric postures.

What is a tantric massage?

Tantra is a set of knowledge and ways of relating to one’s own body and your couple. On it we base our massages on Majestic: we teach to increase our awareness of our own body and our energy flows, to become able to shape and control them on the way to conscious pleasure.

It’s about getting off the beaten path. Perform sensual practices and develop erotic and body relaxation skills that are out of the ordinary.

Our tantric massage is perfect for individuals or couples. It can also be an original bachelor party.

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The Majestic Tantra Massage is the tantric specialty of our center.

A first phase aims to empty your thoughts of recurring daily problems, developing relaxation techniques and breath control until you feel a deep relief from mental tension. You will be in harmony with your tantric therapist.

In the second part of the tantric massage, the blocking energy is released through the stimulation of the 7 Tantric Chakras and its reorientation to house positive energy. In this phase, the connection with your masseuse is essential. It is important to resolve any doubts before starting the session, so that, at this point, the communicative energy flow is not interrupted.

After reaching the peak of ecstasy, your therapist will proceed to eliminate residual negative energy, which may remain in the outer layers of the skin, through a holistic symmetrical purification muscle massage.

After your Majestic Tantra Session, the feeling will be that you have rejuvenated your body and freed your mind: you feel comfortable with yourself again. With strength and motivation to face all the problems of everyday life.


  • 1hour 120€


You are going to receive a tantric and relaxing massage at the muscular level. The erotic melee.

Massage of erogenous zones with the feet of the masseuse and application of Exotic material (bamboo, hot stones, Ayurveda pindas, Egyptian feathers, etc.).

You are going to contemplate the sinuous movements of two masseurs displaying all the art of tantric massages before you.

And also, we add a third part in which you can enjoy the most sensual and intimate interaction with the two masseurs who attend to you: first between them, in a maddening torturous show; and later you will be invited to put into practice all your imagination and initiative on their splendid bodies of sin.

Included: a series of tantric postures and lingam and prostate massage if desired, at no additional cost.

Choose your favorite masseurs and experience a tantric massage loaded with eroticism.


  • 70 minutes, 250€


Intense level Tantric massage with relaxation, high eroticism and sensuality. You can enjoy a good muscle relaxing technique, subtle sensuality applied with the feet, legs and buttocks of your masseuse.

The most suggestive body to body. All this combined in an erotic game between the two people, developed through a series of tantric postures with intense stimulation with the Lingam technique.

The excitement will go up without you being able to do anything to avoid it. The masseuse will take you in this tantric massage to a pleasure of extraordinary intensity.

In this massage and in the Intense Visual it is possible to request a prostate massage or an erotic toy * at no additional cost. * Perfectly sanitized


  • 40 minutes, € 120
  • 70 minutes, € 200

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Much more than tantra, with Majestic Massages

Tantric massage is a type of connection between the person who gives the massage and the person who receives it that goes beyond the erotic. It is a total connection, of body, mind and senses that causes sensations that have not been experienced before. It is important to create a relaxed and suitable environment so that everything goes well and the tantric massage becomes a pleasure like it has never been felt.

What are the benefits of tantric massage?

The achievement of the erotic climax is not the purpose of this type of massage. Eroticism and sensuality are part of this type of massage, but its purpose is to awaken the senses and provide complete well-being throughout the body.

Tantric massage helps to awaken the senses, the sensitivity of the skin and to achieve a state of well-being that allows to focus all the positive energy of the body.
The movements of the masseuse allow it to flow and the negative energy to leave the body. Each caress, each pressure exerted by the body of the masseuse allows the skin to ignite and serve as a point of contact with the energy provided by the other body, creating a connection that goes beyond simple arousal.

Who are Majestic tantric massages for?

Tantric massages can be received by anyone. These are adequate techniques so that each person can reach a complete state of well-being.

For men, each session can lead to discovering pleasure in a way that today’s world, with its rush, its tension and its demands, does not allow to enjoy.

In the case of women, it awakens a hidden sensuality, a type of excitement and pleasure that is not usually present in normal relationships. But we have already commented that the tantric massage of Majestic Massages goes beyond simple arousal. It is a set of sensations in which this is just one more point to take into account.

In addition, you can also receive a tantric massage in Madrid as a couple. In this case, you can have two masseurs of both genders, so that the two members of the couple can enjoy receiving this service from a member of the opposite one if they wish. But it can also be performed by two masseurs of the same gender or even exchanged during the service.

There is no limit beyond imagination and respect, so this shared service helps reignite passion and desire in the couple, if it has ever been turned off.

Sharing the pleasure and the feeling of well-being that remains in the body after each session is very pleasant for the couple and creates an important bond between them.

Alone or as a couple, a tantric massage can be a good anniversary gift, a fun way to spend an afternoon and above all, a way to leave the routine behind and feel good and charged with positive energy.