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In Majestic  you can enjoy different promotions. The best discounts on erotic massages in Madrid.

Degustación massage 60 minutes 100 euros

A unique combination of several of our massages for the best relaxing and sensual session

15% discount  Body to Body and Mutuo Light massages of 60 minutes

 These massages are designed for those looking for something simple and more relaxing  with the same essence of eroticism and sensuality.

20% discount  Mutuo Intenso, Visual Intenso and Gelium  70 and 90 minutes

Highly erotic massages for the most daring and for those who want to start in the world of massages

2 × 1 Couple Massages, contact version, on Sundays

Sundays is an ideal day to relax and disconnect, therefore in Majestic we have prepared this promotion where you can choose any massage menu with two masseuses at the same price as one, so that you end the week with a very special experience.

Massage voucher for our most loyal clients

We have a massage voucher for those clients who visit us regularly. The cheapest massage will be free in the fifth session. Only for one hour massages or more. Not compatible with other promotions.

10 extra minutes before 2:00 p.m. for all massages




  • Smooth 80€ 1h. Muscle relaxer with dressed masseuse, the most basic of our menu
    Smooth body 100e 1h. Massage only receiver made with hands, arms and forearms of the masseuse, accompanied by a soft and light massage body to body, if you want it can end with a happy ending.
  • Mutuo light 130€ 1h. enjoy a relaxing session with hands and body before the masseuse invites you to participate by guiding you to caress her skin in this medium erotic charge massage.
    Visual light 150 1h. Massage in essence as the mutual light but in the final part you will enjoy the company of two beautiful masseuses caressing your body in a sensual posture
    Delerium 140 40min. Experience focused on the front part of the body especially on feet, legs and belly before a delicate relaxation
  • Mutual intense 200e 70min. High intensity for this massage in which the masseuse also uses her feet to make you feel unique sensations during the 30 minutes of erotic postures, where you can freely caress her body before the sensual climax. If you want a prostate massage, tell your masseuse
  • Intense visual 250e 70 min. Our massage for the most daring, after the relaxing session 40 minutes await you with two masseuses that include: a massage show between them exclusively for your eyes (you can participate freely, massage them and caress their beautiful bodies) explicit sensual postures and a super relaxation final You can include prostate massage
  • Gelium 250e 80 min. sensual and original massage with feet and buttocks of the masseuse all over your body, end of heart attack in front of a mirror, sensual dance sliding on your skin, sexy positions. Impossible to miss – Add double ecstasy with two masseuses at the end in the infinity version 300e 80min
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