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It is a massage made in a holistic way, where the masseuse will use hands, arms, legs, chest… her whole body with different techniques to impart the massage with a happy ending in Madrid. We are waiting for you in Majestic, in the heart of Madrid.


In the massage with a happy ending, the entire body of the person is treated and, depending on how comfortable they feel, the sensuality is increased until reaching a high level of excitement. At that point, the masseuse performs manual and body movements, while the person allows himself to be carried away in his capacity as a non-active recipient of the massage.

masaje erótico

The massages with a happy ending seek to offer relaxation at the mental and physical level in an integrated and simultaneous wa where, various erotic bodily skills of the masseuse are used.

It is, therefore, a receiving body-to-body massage, where the person is not required more than a state of mental and physical relaxation, as well as an initial part of control of breathing and heart rate to get in touch with their masseuse.

How much does the massage with a happy ending cost at Majestic?

  • 30 minutes, € 60
  • 1 hour, € 100

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The best happy ending massage in Madrid

Massages with a happy ending have become highly requested by those who want to enjoy a moment of intense and very pleasant relaxation. The integration of relaxing massage techniques with other more sensual ones allows the recipient of this type of massage to feel relaxed and reach the climax. All, thanks to the performance of the masseuse who performs it.

The happy ending massage is much more than erotism. Although the stimulation of the erogenous points is something fundamental in this type of services, it is not limited to it. The whole body comes into action to receive the hands of the person who performs it.

In addition, for this happy ending massage, not only the hands are used. The body of the masseuse also comes into play and allows full contact between the two. The use of the hands, the breasts, the belly and other parts of the body makes it a unique and totally relaxing experience that encourages a very intense intimacy.

Eroticism and excitement

The ultimate goal of this type of massage is not to achieve an orgasm. It is about achieving maximum relaxation and a release of energy that allows you to feel good and comfortable.

Happy ending massages can be enjoyed by both men and women. The sensuality that is awakened with this practice is intense and allows you to relax completely, feel good and release the tension of the day to day.

The ability of the person to massage is what causes the excitement to occur and culminates in complete relaxation.

The techniques used can lead to orgasm, obtaining relaxation and the discharge of energy; thanks to the training and skill of the masseurs who offer a massage with a happy ending in Madrid.

The setting, essential for a good massage with happy ending

And to achieve this, it is not only necessary that the person who performs the massage knows perfectly where to press and caress. The atmosphere is essential to ensure that a massage with a happy ending is totally effective.

Massage has a lot to do with relaxation techniques, so it is necessary to establish an environment that encourages that state of tranquility and comfort. In some cases, candles and soft lighting are used, ideal for letting yourself be carried away by the actions of the person performing the massage.

The techniques used are slow, relaxing and awaken the senses in a very special way. The union of the decoration of the room, the smells, the lighting and the good work of the person who performs the massage make the massage with a happy ending is exactly what is needed in that moment of so much intimacy.

Discover the wonderful world of sensations that occurs with a massage with a happy ending in Madrid and awaken your senses with the help of a masseuse who will stimulate the body and cause an explosion of intense pleasure.

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