Receive an erotic massage at a hotel in Madrid

Real comfort in your room

We offer our erotic massages in hotels, wherever you are within the Community of Madrid. No extra charge, except for the cab, in case it is necessary. Simply tell us the date and time, address and room number, and you can enjoy your favorite erotic massage. With one or two masseuses, in the most absolute intimacy.

Majestic’s usual discretion is guaranteed in erotic massages in hotels. The masseuse you choose will come with all the necessary elements to give the massage, you just have to get ready to enjoy the highest level of eroticism and sensuality.

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The most popular massages in hotels

In most of the occasions the most requested erotic massages are those of high erotic charge such as Mutual Intense, with a masseuse, or four hands. The person feels more confident being in “their territory” and they make their experience a luxury in terms of comfort and service provided.

If a more relaxed, yet equally sensual version of massage is desired, the mutuo light version is highly recommended.

There are massages that we cannot perform in a hotel, such as gelium or nuru, since we perform them on a tatami with the help of a bar for the sliding of these massages. The techniques implemented in these erotic massages require a specific material that does not allow displacement.

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Who is hotel massage for?

To any person, individual or couple, choosing between male, female or both masseuses. If you are staying at any hotel in the Community of Madrid and want to surprise your partner with an erotic massage in your room, we offer you the opportunity to do it without the inconvenience of moving. With the same quality provided in our Center you can enjoy an unforgettable erotic experience without leaving your room.
If you are in a hotel in Madrid for work reasons and you have had an exhausting day, we invite you to treat yourself to a late-night snack. The numerous benefits of erotic massage will allow you a fuller and deeper rest that will make you wake up with more energy the next day and you can resume a hard day’s work from a more vital and positive perspective.
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More questions about erotic massages in hotels

Do you want an erotic massage, but have doubts? Don’t worry, we’ll clear them all up for you! Our goal is that you feel as comfortable as possible and that your experience is unique, so we take care of every detail. In addition, all our erotic and sensual masseuses are professionals in the sector with extensive experience.

The minimum duration of the hotel massage is one hour, and it can be extended to more if desired.

The atmosphere is very important when enjoying a good erotic massage and, although we do not have the facilities of our center in the hotel, we try to make it as comfortable and cozy as possible.

For this, the masseuse comes with the indispensable material for the massage, such as oil with its heater to enjoy it at the ideal temperature, creams, music, candles and a disposable sheet for the bed.

Upon arrival, the masseuse is in charge of preparing the room. And, at the end of the session, we leave everything clean and tidy. It is recommended that the client take a hot shower while the masseuse arrives at the destination.

  • Book your massage well in advance. We need time to get to your hotel
  • Wait for us ready for the massage. Showered and in light, comfortable clothing
  • Avoid large meals before the massage
  • Set up the room for your session. Pleasant temperature, dim light… everything you need for maximum enjoyment.
  • Although the masseuse will perform tantric techniques with a lot of eroticism, we will never practice explicit sex.

Our masseurs who go out to hotels in Madrid

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