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What is the Nuru massage, what does it consist of?

The Nuru Massage, or sliding gel massage, is a type of massage that has become popular in recent years in an outstanding way.

Perhaps because of the morbid component that this type of massage involves, but also because of a generalized advertising in various media and massage centers.

The term «nuru nuru» is believed to be a Japanese expression that means «sliding», «slippery» … Although it is possible that it is also related to the word «nori», which in Japanese means «seaweed», since an extract of some kind of algae would be used to produce this gel.

The gel is applied generously and abundantly on the skin of the person and the masseuse, until it can glide over the entire body of the recipient.

Face down and face up, changing positions in a graceful and stimulating way. Without suffering friction.

Nuru massage is a body-to-body massage that takes place between two completely naked people, or almost naked. The masseuse will use hands, feet, legs, buttocks, breasts, inner thighs, knees …

Caressing, pressing, brushing, squeezing, trapping and enveloping the recipient of the massage in a delight of sensations.

Nuru, a massage chimera only suitable for the bravest.

Majestic Gelium is our particular interpretation of nuru massage. Made with a special transparent gel of great versatility, which allows the masseuse to slide freely on the body of the person, combined with a series of Nuru techniques applied with feet, legs and buttocks in an extremely sensual way.

If you want to enjoy the most erotic and spectacular Nuru Massage in all of Madrid, in our Majestic Massage Center Madrid you have it easy.

You just have to make your appointment and request your Majestic Gelium Massage together with your favorite masseur. You have never tasted anything like it .


It is recommended that, before the session, both of you take a long bath in very hot waters. To clean the skin well, open the pores, relax the muscles, prepare the epidermis for sensations and friction, warm the body and calm the mind.

The best place to receive this nuru massage is on a comfortable, flexible, waterproof and easy to clean surface.

These massages can become a bit “dangerous” if we do not take into account that if the surface is also slippery, in a moment of impulse during the massage we can stop braking and get projected out of the futon or special mat available for the massages.

The masseuse who performs the Nuru specialty will use a metal bar custom designed to fit on the Japanese futon, from which she can gently hang herself to develop fantasy movements impossible to do without it.

It will also perform a flight over the recipient of the massage applying body wrapping pressures, assisted by strategically placed fabrics to create our personalized Air Nuru.

How much does a nuru massage cost in Madrid?

Our Nuru and Majestic Gelium massage have a different price depending on the duration of the session. Which one do you prefer?

  • Nuru            40 minutes, € 170/60 minutes, € 250 */90 minutes € 350
  • Nuru Vip    70 minutes, € 350 (two masseuses in the second part of massage)

* In the 60 and 80 minutes Nuru massage you have the possibility to choose an erotic shower, with your masseuse before starting the session, where you will receive the first lingam massage to enjoy the rest of the massage with greater relaxation and calm.

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What gel is used in nuru massage?

It is a gel free of odors, flavors and neutral PH. This famous gel in its original composition is made from seaweed, nuru algae and aloe vera.

It cleans very well, and most importantly, it is very slippery. It is absorbed quickly so it is necessary to apply it in large quantities and therefore it is not recommended for those who suffer from any type of skin allergy. For these cases we prefer to use hypoallergenic oil that is also pleasant when enjoying a good erotic massage.

Could I do a nuru massage in my own home?

Obviously yes. If you want to surprise a special person by giving them an erotic massage session, you can find all the necessary materials for it on different websites. Surely that person appreciates the detail and fully enjoys the gift.

However, our philosophy of massage composes a holistic experience. That is, to make the receiver feel in another world, from the moment he arrives at our center until he leaves, taking care of even the smallest detail at all times.

Specifically for nuru massage we have a room perfectly equipped with tatami, mirrors and a bar that surrounds the recipient of the massage. When performing this type of erotic massage, it is very useful for us to slide into different positions on the person’s body, allowing a more intense contact and a unique and different experience.

In addition, all the masseurs are trained and professionalized in imparting nuru massage, in the traditional way or with the sliding bar techniques unique to Majestic.

Our masseurs know how to perfectly adapt to the tastes and expectations of each person. Therefore, if what you are really looking for is an authentic nuru experience, you can give an individual session or as a couple, of this massage, in our Center located in Madrid capital. We will prepare everything, so that all you have to do is let yourself go and enjoy pleasure and relaxation in every way.