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Let yourself be surprised by the delicacy and sensuality of feeling the warmth of the skin sliding over your body to the rhythm of the music and the light of the candles. Discover the Majestic body to body erotic massage in Madrid.

Immerse yourself in the game of eroticism where the masseuse will guide you with her movements using warm oil to increase the sensation of pleasure and stimulate every pore of your body.

This technique is used throughout our massage menu as we consider it to be the fundamental basis for a good erotic massage. When using the body-to-body erotic massage technique, the hands and the whole body are used together, caressing while the sliding occurs.

Helped with warm essential oil, or with the famous nuru gel; the sensation of receiving a body-to-body massage is extremely sensual and tender. We are hugged and held, noticing the warmth and softness of the other person.

In the case of being performed by a female masseuse, the chest and nipples raise the excitement and can cause an unknown pleasure, but very rewarding if it has never been felt before.

In couples massages, we invite you to practice it as part of the joint experience, since they seek to experience new points of connection between both people.

Practice it with your partner

On many occasions we seek to surprise our partner with something special “non-material.” And the body-to-body massage is a brilliant idea for the start of an intimate night.

It can be done at home after a sensual previous shower, placing the receiver in a horizontal position. We apply the oil or warm gel all over the body while we let ourselves fall on the other person, very delicately, we wiggle and caress to the rhythm of the music.

Enjoy what you are feeling, whether you are the one who receives or gives the massage. At this moment everything matters: the light, the reflection in the mirror and even our own breathing. It is time to let your imagination fly.

You can start with our one hour body to body massage for € 100, where you will experience sublime relaxation accompanied by light doses of eroticism. Probably the best erotic body to body massage in Madrid.

How much does body-to-body cost?

  • 1 hour 100€


The best body-to-body massage in Madrid

There are many types of massages. Every moment of our life, of our day to day, needs a different one. But if we seek the maximum intensity, the most complete interaction between the one who gives it and the one who receives it, the body-to-body massage is the most appropriate.

They say that it arose in Asia, but little by little it spread to other lands, reaching Spain and offering unique and intense moments of pleasure. This massage is received completely naked, lying on a comfortable table and with the body covered with a light layer of nuru gel, warm and suggestive.

The person giving the massage is also naked. In this way, a total skin-to-skin communion is established. It is not a massage that is performed only with the hands or with the pressure exerted by the elbows and other parts of the body. It is the entire body that moves across the skin of the other person, caressing and awakening all the senses.

A body-to-body massage awakens the sensations

The hand-to-hand contact allows all the nerves to be awakened. Little by little, the interaction with the masseuse causes a great well-being, which is transmitted by every inch of the skin. It is a time when intimacy rises to a level and goes beyond what can be felt in a traditional massage.

It is not, as is thought, a mere contact between the two bodies. Actually, it is much more. It is about the masseuse using her entire body to reach every corner of the body of the person receiving the massage. She uses her hands, arms, breasts, belly, and legs in a measured and controlled way.

The experience and professionalism of the masseuse makes her know how to move, where to press and where to leave a softer caress. With all this, it is sought that the skin awakens and that there is a pleasant reaction not only in one point, but throughout its surface.

In addition, the body to body massage helps the most complete and intense relaxation in each session. You just have to let the masseuse take charge of activating those sensations using her whole body. The skin-to-skin contact, intensified by the use of nuru gel, makes it something very special and pleasant.

The intensity of this massage is essential, so it is one of the bases on which other services are offered at Majestic Massages. In addition, you can receive this type of massage alone and as a couple. Because erotic massage for couples can also be a unique experience, sharing intense sensations.

You can receive this body to body massage in Madrid with a masseuse or with two masseurs, one for each of the members of the couple.

And they can be both two women and two men or a masseuse and a masseuse. A world of possibilities destined to make massage one of the most pleasant moments that takes us out of the routine.