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More than ten years of experience and international studies in tantra for women endorse Leo. His professionalism and excellence have made him the Majestic diamond.

Tireless traveler, always thirsty to learn new techniques to expand his knowledge and improve his sessions every day.

His great skill in the technique and his exquisite treatment have made dozens of women have repeated the experience and recommend it in their closest environment.

With a manly voice and elegant bearing, undoubtedly the best option for women seeking a relaxation session at the hands of an expert gentleman.

Thanks to his maturity, he has gained skills in the world of Ayurveda, Californian, tantric and yoni massage, getting to read what your body asks for without having to verbalize it.

His ability to connect with women from the beginning makes it easier for the receiving of the massage to perceive that intimacy and serenity necessary to be able to flow with the massage and develop a state of maintained relaxation.

You will increase the self-awareness of your body, you will improve your intimate life and your orgasms will be more intense and lasting.

If you dare to live an unforgettable tantric experience, you can take a session with him, from Monday to Friday from 7:00 p.m. and weekends by appointment.

Tantric Woman Massage

Availability: Majestic and hotel.

Languages: Spanish/ English.