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A delicate beauty

Lucía is our newest addition to the team of masseuses at Majestic Massages.

Combine Spanish joy with sensuality and the perfect calm so that you can enjoy your session with her to the fullest.

Her youth and spontaneity inevitably mark each session with her personal stamp: it will be impossible for you to erase her from your mind for a long time.

Vivid and big eyes, brown hair, small and graceful, with soft and smooth skin.

It is capable of combining two abilities: it manages to relax your mind in such a way that at the end of the massage it will seem that you are returning from a short vacation on your private desert island; and it is also capable of bristling every inch of your skin without you noticing … until it is too late.

Lucia is available every weekend.

If you want more photographs, let us know and we will send them to you by whatsapp at the moment.

Disponibilidad: Majestic and outcalls.

Idiomas: Spanish/ English