Erotic Massages for Women in Madrid


The best erotic massage for women

Dare to try an erotic massage for women in Madrid. We are the queens of Majestic. The sensuality and eroticism of massage cannot be understood without us. At Majestic you will be confident and sure of what you want to try and what you don’t want to try. The erotic massages for women at Majestic Madrid are varied and original: from a relaxing massage without erotic content for those who want to try it for the first time, to our crown jewel: the Gelium massage for women. Developed in a special room, combining Nuru massage techniques, with a special gel and Aerial massage of great interaction. Visually splendid.

Erotic massages for women

Whether you wish to receive the massage with a male or female masseur, what matters is the objective of the massage: relaxation, learning, fun and enjoying a new experience in which your limits are those of Majestic. If you prefer a male masseur, our recommendation is Leo You will live an unforgettable session! At Majestic we think it is a mistake to deny the pleasure of professional erotic massages to those who know and understand better the world of sensuality, relaxation and erotic play. Before each session, we always inform you of… Absence of any explicit practice. This is an erotic massage Freedom to choose the degree of eroticism desired Possibility of receiving the massage in underwear, towel or naked. How do you feel most comfortable? Because we know that taking the first step in something new is never easy, we invite you to visit us without obligation. We are located in the heart of Madrid, Montera street. We will show you our facilities, massage sessions, farewells, romantic photography sessions and classes, so that you can get to know us first hand and calmly solve all the questions you may have. Don’t miss our erotic massages for women

How much do erotic massages for women cost?

Majestic Basic Relaxing Massage

80€ / 60 minutes

Muscle relaxing body massage without erotic content, perfect for your first time.

Body to Body Massage

100€ / 60 minutes

Very sensual, but quiet. The masseuse uses his/her own body to give the massage.

Mutual Massage Light Woman

140€ / 60 minutes

The masseuse will guide you on his/her body to apply tantric techniques in a slow and calm way.

Intense Mutual Massage Woman

200€ / 70 minutes

High erotic level and interaction with the masseuse. Very varied and active, great importance is given to the mastery of stimulation.

Gelium Massage Woman

250€ / 70 minutes

The most erotic massage of all. Very interactive and demanding, it is performed with a special gel. The masseuse performs very sensual and original aerial techniques, a lot of initiative and interaction is required from the receiver.

Nuru Massage Woman

270€ / 90 minutes

Seaweed gel is used generously on the masseur’s skin to facilitate sliding between the naked bodies. A massage for daring women who are looking for something different and exclusive. Our masseurs are trained in the use of techniques specific to this massage.

Podemos darnos cualquier masaje erótico en Madrid, pero de forma adaptada a nuestros gustos y al ritmo que deseemos. En los masajes de alta carga erótica, Mutuo Intenso, Gelium y Nuru tienes la opción de completar tu experiencia con el uso de un estimulador para la zona genital. If in doubt, you can switch to a slightly more erotic option once the  massage has begun,  as the relaxation grows during the session. Second massage at 50% from the one hour body to body massage. If you come with a friend and you give each other an erotic massage, the lower price is half price. Discount applicable on the first visit.

Tantric massages for women

Tantric massages for women go beyond the simple physical contact between the masseuse and the person receiving the massage. It makes no difference whether this massage is performed by a man or a woman. The important thing is to create an intense bond between the two. To make the tantric massage much more pleasurable, oils are used to allow the hands to run over the skin in a soft and soothing way. Each movement is designed to awaken the senses and to provide pleasurable sensations at all times. The growing sensation of pleasure allows you to establish a very special relationship with the masseuse or masseuse. A correct application of these oils and the realization of subtle movements very studied make the experience of receiving a tantric massage in Majestic something you will not forget in a long time. The experience of tantric massage also helps to know oneself better, to know how one’s own body reacts and to know how to reproduce those sensations at home, in intimacy. It will never be the same as under the hands of our professionals, but it helps to improve your relationship with yourself and your partner. Enjoy a unique, special and intense experience that will offer you everything you need to feel really good.

Happy ending massages for women

The massage for women with happy ending awakens the senses. The masseur’s hands and body help to relieve the tension of everyday life. But they don’t stop there. The practice of Majestic’s professionals allows them to know every corner of a woman’s body and know where to touch and how to do it to make the sensations grow. The most important thing for Majestic’s masseuses, both for themselves and for them, is that each person who passes through the tatami is calm, relaxed and safe. No nerves, no awkward moments or any act that may create discomfort. The important thing is to relax, enjoy and feel good. Professionalism is a value to be taken into account. Knowing how to perform the most pleasant massages and make you feel that the problems go away, that the pleasure caused by the combination of oils and the action of the hands and body of the masseuse is enhanced, is something totally magical. It doesn’t matter if you prefer a masseur or a masseuse. The important thing is that when you get up from the mat, you feel refreshed, energized and satisfied. That is the priority for all of us and we try to make every visit what you expect. Discover the best happy ending massages in Madrid.

Do you dare to try the best erotic massage for women in Madrid?

As in all erotic massages developed in Majestic, hygiene is absolute. In addition, we have the possibility of requesting a male or female masseur, since in both cases we will love the session, regardless of our orientation.

We women were treated with special care and attention throughout our stay at the center. You will be able to express your doubts and personal tastes with total confidence and peace of mind.

Do you offer the option of lesbian erotic massage?

Of course, at Majestic our masseuses are trained to attend openly to all the public, regardless of their orientation and gender identity, they will make you never forget our erotic massages for women. Many women come to our Center requesting a massage with a female masseuse. Either because they want to try with a girl to experiment, because they feel more comfortable if a woman caresses them, or because they like women and want to treat themselves to a tribute to all their senses. So if you want a lesbian massage in Madrid, you can request it without any problem by choosing the masseuse that best suits your tastes.

Our masseuses for erotic massages of women in Madrid

Masajista erótica Lucia
Masajista erótica Martina
Masajista erótica Andrea
Masajista erotica Rocio
Masajista erótica Sara
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