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If you are willing to explore another dimension of pleasure and learn about the many benefits of prostatic massage, let yourself be guided by one of our therapists.

Trust and respect will be the fundamental to relax and enjoy the experience fullest.

Experience the pleasure and elegance of our most erotic massages, where we take care of each of the movements to detail to envelop you in a delicious scene of sensuality, pleasure and sweetness.

In different sessions you can choose the option prostatic massage at the end. This consists of a progressive stimulation, being able to reach orgasm without having to perform a genital massage. If you wish, we have perfectly sanitized erotic toys at your disposal.

The prostate is the P-spot in men (known as the G-spot in women). A highly sensitive and erogenous area, which when combined with proper techniques will lead you to the most pleasant orgasm you have ever experienced.

Discover all the possibilities of reaching climax with a different stimulation by choosing the gelium, intense mutual, nuru or intense visual massage with two masseuses.

How much does prostatic massage cost?

  • Gelium o Intense Visual: 70 minutes, 250€
  • Nuru 90 minutes: 270€
  • Intense Mutual: 70 minutes, 200€


How does the prostate massage session develop?

During the Intense Mutual, Intense Visual or Gelium massage session we offer you the possibility of experiencing prostate massage, in the final part of the massage, when you are at a high level of excitement.

Performing prostate stimulation can produce orgasm and ejaculation by itself as it is a highly sensitive erogenous zone, becoming even more intense than a genital orgasm. During the prostate massage session, other erogenous zones such as the perineum, testicles and penis are simultaneously stimulated to make orgasm more intense and satisfying.

During the massage there may or may not be an erection, there is no need to worry about it. Our recommendation is not to become obsessed with achieving orgasm but to enjoy pleasure and abandon yourself enjoying a unique moment. The recipient may have a passive attitude during prostate massage or may have a more active role by simultaneously massaging the penis.

Achieving the correct posture that is also comfortable is essential to achieve the desired pleasure, thus we will be able to relax the muscles of the pelvic area correctly, facilitating the insertion of the fingers.

There are a series of more recommended positions to perform prostate massage. It will depend mainly on the receiver who will choose the most suitable for your comfort.

  • The back-up position is done with the legs apart and elevated (you can help yourself with cushions) and with the knees slightly bent
  • Face down you can stand on all fours or lying down with your knees bent

If you have decided on a prostate massage, we recommend that before starting you take a relaxing bath with hot water. In addition to the necessary hygiene, warm water will relax the pelvic muscles.

Prostate stimulation is performed with the fingers using a latex protector (glove or finger) or a prostate massager, remaining at the discretion of the recipient after the guidance and recommendation of the masseur.

Benefits of prostate massage

There are numerous benefits associated with prostate massage – among others, an aid in cases of erectile dysfunction, as we tell you on our blog.

  1. Increases blood flow to the prostate helping its normal functioning
  2. Improves the orgasm of men by increasing the time of erections until the moment it reaches itmaximum point
  3. Avoid kidney stones as stimulation of the prostate increases the frequency of urination
  4. Releases accumulated toxins by increasing blood flow
  5. Helps in the formation and mobility of sperm, thus improving fertility
  6. Helps to perceive any changes in the prostate if it is massaged frequently
  7. Releases prostate fluid thus preventing inflammation of the prostate
  8. In case of erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation this massage can take away the anxiety and pressure of having an erection or having to endure

To be considered in relation to prostate massage

Okay, we have already convinced you and you are determined to try the best prostate massage in Madrid. How to choose the erotic massage center in which to receive it?

  • First of all, it is very important that the masseur in charge of performing a prostate massage knows the technique, expertise and care of the practice. Your nails should be short and filed to avoid any injuries or scratches. You will have enough lubricant to avoid friction and facilitate the introduction of the fingers into the rectum.
  • The environment is essential to create a space for relaxation and enjoyment. This is why we place so much importance on lighting, temperature, comfort and smell.
  • Enemas are not recommended since they are a healing tool with a very specific and restricted use. If they are used frequently they can considerably reduce the intestinal flora. It is recommended only to use soapy water and to have emptied at least one hour before.
  • The ideal time to perform a prostate massage ranges between 10-15 minutes. Then it will be observed how the prostatic fluid is released by the penis.
  • The rhythm of the massage should be slow and leisurely. Massage with the intention of exploring each area and with progressive pressures observing the reaction of the receptor to each movement.
  • In the prostate you can feel pleasure, pain, wanting to go to the bathroom … Especially the first ones there is a strange mixture of sensations. That is why it is so important to know how to adapt the massage technique to each person and change the movement and rhythm, or the pressure in the area, depending on the feedback we are receiving at the time. Overstimulation should be avoided as it is uncomfortable and annoying in most cases.

Why is prostate massage so pleasant for men?

Prostate massage is so pleasant since there is what is known as the P-point of men, equivalent to the G-point in women. Both exist and have in common that stimulating them increases the sensation of pleasure.

This massage helps you discover other ways to enjoy and even reach orgasm and to focus on your own pleasure. Do you dare to try the best prostate massage in Madrid?