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If you are willing to explore another dimension of pleasure and learn about the many benefits of prostatic massage, let yourself be guided by one of our therapists.

Trust and respect will be the fundamental to relax and enjoy the experience fullest.

Experience the pleasure and elegance of our most erotic massages, where we take care of each of the movements to detail to envelop you in a delicious scene of sensuality, pleasure and sweetness.

In different sessions you can choose the option prostatic massage at the end. This consists of a progressive stimulation, being able to reach orgasm without having to perform a genital massage. If you wish, we have perfectly sanitized erotic toys at your disposal.

The prostate is the P-spot in men (known as the G-spot in women). A highly sensitive and erogenous area, which when combined with proper techniques will lead you to the most pleasant orgasm you have ever experienced.

Discover all the possibilities of reaching climax with a different stimulation by choosing the gelium, intense mutual, nuru or intense visual massage with two masseuses.

How much does prostatic massage cost?

Gelium o Intense Visual: 70 minutes, 250€

Nuru 90 minutes: 270€

Intense Mutual: 70 minutes, 200€



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