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Have you ever tried the pleasure of a four hands erotic massage, with two masseuses? Developed in a symmetrical and sensual way, we anticipate that, although it is impossible to describe it with words, it is an experience unforgettable.

It is a very creative and original massage, with a lot of interactivity and in which the sensation of relaxation is maximum, body and mind.

masaje erótico

Both professionals coordinate to perform techniques that they could not do alone. They take advantage of their numerical superiority to torture even more those who dare to put themselves in their hands.

For an experience with a double eroticism and sensuality, you can enjoy two of our massages, a Mutual Light massage or an Intense Mutual massage at the hands of two masseuses. Either in the Body to Body or Gelium variety.

Which one do you dare with? If in doubt, contact us, we will help you choose.

How much does four hands cost?

Mutuo Light: 260€

Mutuo Intenso: 400€

Body to Body: 200€

Gelium: 500€



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