Erotic massage in the center of Madrid. CALL OR WRITE US ON WHATSAPP: 633 622 779!

Majestic Madrid masseurs are the soul of our Center. We take care of their training and professionalism day by day, and we encourage them to maintain a continuous learning of various erotic, artistic, therapeutic and tantric current techniques.


They are Spanish boys and girls, between 20 and 35 years old, who combine their work as erotic masseurs with other activities such as acting, various performances, music, dance, photography, sports or yoga.

Our erotic masseurs speak Spanish and English, have a great capacity to capture the needs and mood of people and a great facility to welcome our clients and make them feel comfortable from their first visit.

They will take care of privacy and will answer any questions you may have, however strange it may seem. So do not be afraid to solve all the questions that arise.

You already know that it is possible to choose the therapist who can give you the most feeling, as long as you make the reservation of your session effective in advance, and within a range of availability.

It will also be possible to practice a massage, individual or couple, in the room of your Hotel. Especially if it is located near the center of Madrid; although, with time, they can move around the city.

Our masseurs during the massage lead the person to a high degree of excitement, always using their hands and body to perform their techniques.

Reserve with your favorite masseuse.