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Sensitive massage is the balance between pleasure and tenderness all the time.

The harmony that surrounds the practice will enhance your sensitivity, both physical and emotional, being able to capture all the sensations that the caresses of this massage imply.

Sensitive massage is not only a set of implemented techniques, it is a sensual and emotional experience that you have never lived before.

Your sensory awareness is activated and you manage to connect with the power of your inner-erotic energy, releasing stress and eliminating blockages that you may have in your daily routine.

Enjoy the magic of sensitive massage by trying the Intense Mutual, choosing the masseuse that best suits you.

How much does a sensitive massage cost?

  • 70 minutes 200€



The best sensitive massages in Madrid

One of the greatest pleasures is experiencing a sensitive massage. A way to feel the body in an intense way, thanks to the hands of the person who performs this massage.

Sensitive massage is another type of massage to achieve complete relaxation and feel good thanks to massage techniques that seek more than just release tension in the muscles.

The sensitive massage does not offer excessive pressure on the body, but helps to relax the body and mind through gentle touches and caresses that penetrate to the interior of the soul. The person receiving this massage feels liberated, light and relaxed.

A light massage, but with intense results

  1. The professional who performs this type of massage is responsible for making a first contact with the body. In this way, through a few gentle touches, he marks the points where he is going to act. This first moment the muscles begin to relax and the body begins the journey that will continue with the following movements of the masseuse.
  2. At that moment the professional’s thumbs come into play. These mark the limits where the rest of the sensory massage will take place. Then a somewhat deeper massage is carried out, using the hands, forearms and elbows. The pressure on the muscles of the body is increased and allows all tension to be released more effectively.
  3. This sensitive massage has many benefits, which are noticeable as soon as you finish. Among them we must highlight the release of accumulated stress. Thus, you can start the week with renewed energy and face the day to day with more intensity.

It also releases muscle contractures, which often cause serious, avoidable aches and pains. It improves circulation, making the muscles receive better oxygenation and produces a very pleasant well-being throughout the body.

This type of massage can be very effective in people who have a low tolerance for pressure. People who have fibromyalgia or any other type of extreme sensitivity to manual pressure can enjoy it without suffering pain and relieving tension in the muscles.

With these sensitive massages you can obtain a great relaxation, a renewal of energy and a great well-being. All this, thanks to the performance of the masseuse or the masseuse, who in addition to performing this massage, will ensure that the setting is adequate to improve the experience.

These sensitive massages in Madrid can be received in the rooms that are made available to clients, but also at home or in the hotel where the client is staying. In this way, it can be enjoyed in a more intimate way and without having to go to the massage center.

An ideal experience to feel sensations that allow you to forget the tensions, both of the body and of the soul.

A type of massage that, gently, can offer many benefits to continue with the day to day renewed and with the desire to continue with the routine in a more active way. Discover Majestic, erotic massages in Madrid!