The charms of Victor

This Madrid masseur possesses a whole range of skills aimed at taking over your mind, from the moment you walk through the door and without you being aware of having fallen into his nets.

Wide, youthful smile and caramel eyes, fine, soft skin and a slender body.

Every part of his body is trained to serve as a weapon in his battle against your sanity: he will use a thousand and one resources until he plunges you into the most delicious unreason…

Victor is also a perfect gentleman: he has extensive experience in massages for couples, men and women. He knows how to transmit confidence and security in any situation, explain well the characteristics of the tantric massages he develops and most importantly: he understands the importance of maintaining limits and simultaneously adapting his techniques and his level of eroticism to the needs and preferences of his guests.

Her poise, sensuality, elegance and optimism instill tranquility and attraction in a natural way.

He is available any day of the week by appointment.

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Majestic and hotels.


Spanish, English


Gay Massage
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