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Femme Fatal

Naturalness, sweetness and warmth; an unforgettable masseuse, delicacy and sensuality for a massage chimera. You will come back.

Black hair falling beautifully over her shoulders, framing a fine porcelain complexion with deep slanted eyes reminiscent of the sea. A masseuse who performs her movements delicately and with great care.

Enjoy all the sensations that the sweetest masseuse in our Center is capable of transmitting to you almost without thinking. Sara is also a great specialist in the technique of body-to-body massage, where she performs sensual movements, letting herself be carried away by the melody and her own inspiration.

Thus she manages to make each massage different, combining variety with the high perception of the recipient’s state of mind.

Sara will be able to guide you with your eyes closed to discover new ways to stimulate body and mind in a relaxed and exciting way.

Our masseuse Sara is usually available during the hours of Monday through Friday in the afternoon, and some weekends.

Availability: Majestic and hotels.

Languages: Spanish/ English