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Created on Friday, 30 Jan 2015 02:25:26

gay massage madrid

Where to get a gay massage in Madrid if you are spending a few days of leisure in this great city? Majestic Massages, located downtown Madrid in the tourist area, is the place where you will find a complete massage menu with that erotic flavour that makes a tantric massage session memorable.

If you are a man and prefer to be treated by a man too, then you must choose the gay variant of any massage you wish to receive.

How will your gay massage be given? It will include a total rub down all over your body and your gay masseur will treat every part of it including the erogenous areas. These sensual body massages are really erotic and a lot of details and care are developed to ensure the person is all right during his therapy and that he really gets pleasure for his mind and body in a holistic manner.

How will my masseur look like? Your gay masseur is a spanish therapist with plenty of experience to know the art of body massage and lots of different erotic techniques. He will apply his knowledge and tantric skills to the gay and snesitive universe, developing a really distinct way of feeling in each part of your skin.

What kind of gay massage may I choose? There are really many options for you: you may prefer to just receive your session confortably laid in your futon, almost not moving, so that the masseur does all the work and you enjoy the pleasure in a passive way and rest peacefully; or you may wish to get more active and also apply the techniques your masseur teaches you during the massage, learning to do a Thai slide for instance, or how to stimulate erogenous parts of your body with several tantric movements.

Whatever the massage and gay masseur you choose, feel free to express yourself and your preferences to make your sensual massage a unique experience.

Gay massage Madrid