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How Much Does A Full Body Massage Cost? Is It Worth Your Money?


 ‘How much does a full body massage cost?’ We get why you are wondering this question. Maybe you desperately need to disconnect from reality after a long day of work, or maybe you are looking for a new erotic experience through a whole body massage to find the greatest pleasure.

We guess you want to make the right choice and spend your money on the best body massage. So the first thing you should do is to know what a full body massage is. Then it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth it or not.

What Is a Full Body Massage?

oil massage

A full body massage is the ultimate massage service. A good professional will focus on all the areas of your body so you have the most relaxing time while receiving the best therapeutic massage you can imagine.

What does a full body massage include? On the first part of the session, you lay facing down while your masseur uses some special oil and starts massaging your back and shoulders. Then, the professional will slowly touch other parts of your body finishing at your feet.

The second part begins when you flip over to face the ceiling. The masseur will continue massaging from your toes to your legs, your chest, your neck and finally your head. When the massage is done, you feel like you are born again.

The biggest advantage of the full body massage is that you can ask the masseur to focus on the troublesome areas, like a hurting back after sitting at the office for more than eight hours. When you find out how much does a full body massage cost, consider that they’re offering you a tailored experience.

The pleasure you feel during this massage is impossible to compare. It’s as sensual as a body-to-body massage, but the river of sensations you get all over your body takes your breath away. No doubt it’s one of the best massage services ever.

What To Expect From A Full Body Massage

It may seem obvious, but you must expect a full massage, neither more nor less. Time, light, and high-standard professional services should be more relevant to you than how much does a full body massage cost. Full body massage prices vary from one provider to another.

Keep in mind that you will be paying for more than the massage itself. There are more factors you should consider before choosing the service:


 Atmosphere. The center or the person that provides the massage must pay attention to the details. You should find a soft light, relaxing background music, warm temperature, pleasing smells… The right place is essential to make the most of your massage.

 Knowledge and experience. Don’t you prefer someone who knows what they are doing? Your body health is absolutely important, so we recommend you find out if you can trust the person who is going to massage you from your head to your toes.

 Time. A full body massage should last from 50 to 90 minutes. Don’t accept a shorter service, because the masseur won’t have enough time to properly work on every part of your body.

But how much does a full body massage cost? The best moment to think about the price is after you have gone through this check-list. Of course, you may add all the factors that matter to you in order to find the most satisfying massage session.

How Much Does A Full Body Massage Cost?

How much is a full body massage? It definitely depends on your standards. If you aren’t too picky, you can find a cheap full body massage almost everywhere. But you should ask yourself these questions:

 Do you feel that you can trust the company or the masseur?

 Is your body health at risk if you choose this service?

 Does the massage service match your previous expectations?

 Do you consider that they offer a fair massage price list?

The decision is more complex than only considering how much does a full body massage cost. The higher you set the standards, the higher the massage cost is. If you want the best body massager, you will have to pay a fair price for it.

When it comes to full body massages, spending some more money on a luxurious and healthy experience is the wisest choice. So, how much does a massage cost? As you already know, the atmosphere and the masseur skills set the different prices.

We’ll always recommend that you count on thoughtful and kind professionals, like the masseurs you will find at Masajes Majestic. Don’t hesitate and contact us if you want to ask how much does a full body massage cost.

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