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NEW: Majestic Experience in Majestic Massage Madrid

We all love to receive a sensual massage, alone or with our partner, given by one or two Majestic Masseuses in one of our 4 Thematic Rooms... Yes, but... what about getting to work a bit and learn the different techniques the masseuses provide to us?

This is now possible thanks to our new service, Majestic Experience: a Master class of erotic massages. 
It consists of three erotic sessions provided by two masseuses, during which you will be taught the basics of our erotic techniques, including full body massage, using hands and your own body for it, non-obvious regions on your partners body that deserve your attention, practice with feet in a very sensual way, use of bamboo, feathers, hot stones and other stroking techniques, and the most important thing: help you become able to control your partners pleasure and arousal state so that she/he feels really high pleasure during the erotic massage, enjoying every minute, wishing the climax but experiencing the complete, quite long, session once you are toghether in privacy.

The three massage sessions must be purchased toghether (100€ each): 45min/ massage session with two masseuses (one will teach you while you massage the other, who will tell you how well you are doing the techniques).

You can then purchase more sessions if you wish to perform better.
Just call us: 91 188 50 27  or  633 622 779 or email us!