Erotic Massage Course

Learn the art and sensuality of professional erotic masseuses.

Erotic masseuses

Discover our erotic massage course, where you will learn the art and sensuality of Majestic’s erotic masseuses. Personalized classroom training that you can start whenever you want.

The course consists of individual erotic massage classes of 70 minuteswhich should be carried out with a margin of five days between one and the other. Taught by two masseuses with a professional experience of more than eight years in the world of in the world of erotic massage

Who is our erotic massage course for?

Our erotic massage course will be adapted to each student’s interest and learning objectives. Whether personal – to live new experiences with your partner – or professional.

If you are interested in learning how to improve your intimate life as a couple, we can focus on erotic massage for men or for women.

If you have a professional interest, we can adapt the classes so that you can learn the different techniques for both men and women. The most appropriate masseuses will be selected to teach each of the classes according to your needs.

Planes eróticos y picantes en pareja.

What will you do in each of the classes?

You will learn thebasic techniques of erotic relaxing massage on feet, legs, buttocks and back; as well as the practice of body to body. Preparation of the environment and fundamental keys for a good execution.

We will focus on erogenous zones, male/female genital massage (with silicone prototype) and how to massage your feet, legs and buttocks.

We will make an introduction to the practice of hot basalt stones and feathers. You will review everything you have learned by giving an erotic massage to one of the masseuses, with the supervision of another.

The course will be held in underwear (boxer shorts for men and thongs for women). Hypoallergenic oils and disposable material will be used. After each session you can take a shower, for which we will provide you with a towel and slippers.

Erotic Massage Course Material and Certificate

If you wish, you can ask us for an explanatory manual of everything you have seen during the course about erotic massage, so that you can have it whenever you need it. (See conditions).

Erotic and tantric massage course reservation and price in Madrid

The price of each 70-minute class is 150€. To make a reservation, you can do it by phone, WhatsApp or through our contact form.

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