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Top 6 Erotic games for couples — What are and their benefits


Are you looking for ways to spice things up in your relationship? No need to look further more! Today in our post we will tell you some of the best erotic games for couples to spice up your sex life!

If you want to keep your partner's passion alive, we propose some incredible erotic games to excite you with your partner as the first day.

If you're comfortable with your partner but notice that sex is becoming monotonous or routine, there's no reason to leave the boat without doing your part. A good way to maintain passion are sexual games to do with your partner. Imagination is the best sexual toy that exists and that's why we're going to propose some erotic and sex games for couples to make passion explode. With our ideas and these accessories, you won't get bored again!

 erotic games for couples

What are erotic games?

Although there are many options and alternatives in this area of sex and sexual preferences, from the hardest things to simpler things that serve to break the monotony of a couple, there is everything so it would be good to simply start from the concept.

The erotic games, as its name says is the prelude to sex, are games that stimulate the mind and play with situations or fantasies that take the couple out of common and ordinary situations.

With these games you can challenge your mind while eroticizing your body in the process, these are activities that help the couple to reinvent their intimacy.

And there are a lot of games, you just have to go to a sex shop online to find the different variations they have, or with your partner, you can invent a new game that takes eroticism to another level and makes them find the passion.

Curious, but sometimes these games help to rediscover the lost intimacy of some couples, while the more open-minded people turn these activities into everyday ways of enjoying safe sex.

Erotic games for couples: let’s start the party!

Maintaining passion in your relationship is vital and things like work, stress and routine cause that spark to decrease, but there are many sex games that allow you to enjoy sex with your partner and keep the passion alive.

In order to keep your relationship at the highest levels and to keep your desire intact, it is necessary to incorporate new and exciting sensations into your life every day. An excellent to maintain passion is to incorporate sexual games, where your imagination is your best weapon, so today in our post we offer some ideas of erotic games as well known as sex games that will increase the flame of passion and eliminate boredom from your life.

The erotic game of erotic dating

Phil and Claire Dunphy exemplify it perfectly in Modern Family. Do you need a little morbidity in your sex life? Stay somewhere with your partner, introduce yourself as if you didn't know him at all and invent a life different from yours.

Once you've been seduced again (or for the first time, depending on how you look at it), go to a hotel to finish a perfect date.

During sex also go out of your usual role with your partner and do things that surprise him or in a different way than usual. Remember: it is as if for a night you were different people and as if it were the first time you make love, you should try to make it as realistic as possible.

The erotic game of sexting

If your partner isn't around, there's no reason not to play! If you have enough confidence with him, try sexting. Send him a dirty message or a sexy picture and have him follow your game. Such situations are tremendously morbid and will involve the sex appeal relationship beyond your usual intimate moments. If you want to fulfill this and other fantasies, discover in this one which of them goes more with your personality. 

Sextingis one of the best erotic games for couples of all time to spice up a relationship!

How about playing love-making in completely new places?

In an elevator, on a train, on a plane, in a dressing room... Although if you want to start with something simpler, a very exciting way to do it is in the car. Go to an open field or (if you prefer something more romantic) to some natural park where you can see the stars and play to relive your youth or try new things with some of these positions of the Kamasutra in the car. 

Sex toys

Try some sex toys such as dildos, vibrators before and during your sexual relationship.

There are lots of sex toys. There are erotic toys of all different prices, types, materials, and colors. This ensures that everybody, regardless of their tastes and preferences, can find a toy they can use to have a good time.

erotic games for couples


Role-playing is always fun. Your boy could pretend to be the doctor, and you could pretend to be a patient who’s come to the doctor’s office. Ask your partner to lie down on the bed fully clothed and pretend like you’re examining her. Look for excuses to touch the patient (her), and undress the patient giving different excuses.

Use characters that work for you and arouse each other, if you want the experience to be fun.

Have you ever tried recording yourself?

First of all, you only have to do this with someone you trust completely. If that's your case, put a couple of cameras in the room and record yourself having sex as if you were erotic movie stars. When you see it later, you will surely get very excited and discover new ways of giving yourself pleasure or small mistakes that you can work on. Maybe this could become a regular practice in your sex relationships— erotic couple videos

erotic games for couples

The benefits of erotic games for couples

  • It helps us to enjoy something as natural and intrinsic to us as sex.
  • They revive our relationship as a couple.
  • They help us to achieve greater unity as a couple at all levels. They help us to discover our physiology. Know your erogenous zones, know your body; it is the best way to help the other to give you more pleasure.

As you can see, there are many erotic games that you can play together with your sex toys to have better sex with your partner. Do you feel like experimenting and checking it out?

Remember imagination, communication, and interest are the factors that allow our relationship to be satisfying. Would you dare to practice these erotic games for couples?

We hope this post has helped you to know more about erotic games for couples. In Majestic Massages we like to use our blog to tell you about all kind of experiences and give ideas that will allow you to have a more fun and full sexual.

Get in touch with us and get to know the most incredible erotic massages in Madrid and their different modalities. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon

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