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What are the differences between exotic massages and erotic massages?


Have you ever wondered where the charm of an exotic massage is hidden - is an exotic massage the same as an erotic massage? More and more people are deciding to immerse themselves in the world of massage and to try out the different forms of massage that exist.

It is true that for the taste of colors, so you do not always have to choose between one of the two, but you can combine the eroticism of an erotic massage with an exotic and exciting environment of exotic massages.

Here's the difference between these two great pleasures, you want to know more? read on to read that it gets interesting!

What characterizes an exotic massage?

An exotic massage is an intimate massage between two people which is focused on the touch and stimulate each other. Moreover, how to do an erotic massage is out of criticism and expectation.

During an erotic massage, the parts of the body where you will get pleasure from the other person are:

  • Hands
  • Foot
  • Pubic Mound
  • Ears
  • Lips

We advise you to practice these massages with a professional and experience to avoid possible problems and stress, the enemy of the relax.

erotic massage

What are the different types of exotic massages that exist?

Oriental massage

This sensual massage is perfect for avoiding the stress. We use aromatic oils and rose petals, cherry blossoms, and orange flowers. The back is the protagonist of this massage and we are looking for the pleasure and a buried stimulation.

As soon as you start the adult massage, the softness is impressive, it’s working with everybody and the sleep can catch you mostly because the relax.

Reiki massage

Yes, you heard that way, from the Japanese culture we get Reiki massage, an exotic massage where you wear clothes all the time. This quiet massage is focused on the spiritual aspect. Making the experience so grateful.

In case you love Asian medicine, this massage uses western science and the energy from the physical, mental and spiritual well-being. You don’t need aromatic oils for this adult exotic massage.

Lomilomi massage

From Hawaii, we bring you this sensual massage. It’s well known because the object of the massage: energizing and revitalizing. The amount of oil is huge. Even, for more than two hours and soft music, the massage will remove the stress.

As experts we are, sometimes an exotic massage only for muscles and reduce the tension is necessary.

Kobido massage

Another exotic from Japan. It’s a massage to get elasticity and rejuvenate facial skin. However, the oils and other products used for the erotic sensual massage are natural and antibacterial.

During the massage, the circular movement over the body helps to improve the blood circulation and lymphatic system. It’s no a massage for everybody, all people with scrapes or cuts or even, Botox injections on the faces, should avoid it.

Shiatsu Massage

It’s the most famous exotic massage you will see on the list. It’s still growing up since the 1970s. Especially, it’s for pressure points on the body like hands, thumbs or feet. Either, it’s not a tantric massage but, the results are very similar.

The pressure is the main practice over the massage and not everybody can support it. Maybe, for some of us is enjoyable.

Swedish massage

The erotic nude massage we are going to talk about now is the second most famous on the list. A unique experience and known worldwide. It’s basically, a mixed of another kind of exotic massage.

It depends on the results you want to get, from Western medicine to the Eastern part of the world. The action of this exotic massage improves the body’s immune system.

erotic massage

How is an erotic massage different from an exotic massage?

Both are sexy massages. But, even they sound the same, they are not the same.

  • Erotic massage: it’s a sensitive and sensual massage. It uses specific technics to get deep carnal and seductive feeling during the massage. Including, through it, we can get orgasms. Along the history, it was used for a medical purpose and not in an erotic way.
  • Exotic massage: A mixed of Japanese, Chinese and other exotic countries where people use so commonly and daily. The result of it is not looking for an exciting erogenous point from the body.

What do they have in common?

Mainly, these massages have a few points in common. They are finding out the pleasure and the enjoyable moment. With soft movements using fingers and thumbs, we can get the most difficult narrows parts of the body.

Although, the pressure we put over the body is different, depending on the part of it. These intimate massages offer moments of happiness, positive comfort and gratification to you.

What is the purpose of an exotic massage?

When the exotic massage is making by a couple, it’s a good way to know each other and an introduction of sex later. If one of you is doing a massage, it’s the perfect way to see how to give an erotic massage with your partner.

You will see how your hands are working over the other body and the pressure to put that won’t trigger inconvenience and troubles later.

It depends on the are you work; the results are totally different. On the legs and feet, the sexy massage will give you a better blood circulation and rest. Soon, the massage is passing over the skin and induce a quiet feeling. Clearly, the perfect situation and position for a pleasant act of sex.

s it clearer to you what the difference is between these two types of relaxing massages? If you've been wanting to try them on your own skin do not hesitate to contact us, we have massage specialists who will make you travel through the most exotic paradise just by putting their hands on your penis. We'll be waiting for you, you won't regret it!

erotic massage

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