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For those who are spending some time in Madrid with your partner, our Center has several types of massage to offer:

If this is the first time you visit us, you may start with a relaxing corporal massage of medium level pleasure, as in Majestic Body to Body (150€ 75 minutes). This is a receptor massage, where the masseuse does all the work and you both enjoy her technics all over your body.

For those who would like to get a little active, not only receiving, you may choose Majestic Mutuo Light, which also includes a section where the masseuse guides you both on her body in a sensual and elegant way (195€ 75 min).

One of our most erotic specialities is our Majestic Mutuo Intense: deep, muscular massage, all body massage where the masseuse uses hands, armas, breast, womb, bottom, feet, etc developing different techniques, including one with Exotic Material like Hot Stones, Feathers, Bamboo... The erotic part is longer and quite intense, and during almos all the massage the couple is asked to also interact freely with the masseuse (300€ 75min).