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What is a body-to-body massage and what advantages does it offer?

¿Are you looking for a special body massage? Or maybe, do you want to gift a unique and original body massage? On this post, we give tips to know about this enjoyable moment.

InMajestic, we know nowadays people have no time to take a break and we want to offer you a singular body massage like never you will receive. However, let us introduce you to this erotic and popular body massage.

What is a body to body massage?

body massage

This body massage is characteristic of the way the massage therapist gives it: She uses the naked body to rub some slippery massage oil or lotion. This full body to body massage removes the tension and stress from the spirit and the body.

This technique may be an extraordinarily erotic kind of massage care. During the body massage, the masseuse utilities the curves of her body to supply all of the kind of sensations. Even, this massage includes a back, feet and legs massage.

Thanks to the slow and low music, the aromatic smell of the body massage oil and the comfortable surface, the customer enjoy the private massage. As soon as the relaxation is maximum, it is getting the most of the time a happy ending.

5 body massages to enjoy

  • Tantric Massage. It’s composed of several types of massage styles. This relaxing massage uses deep breathing and soft caressing of the genital regions and other erogenous zones around them. That includes upper thighs and lower abdomen.
  • Swedish massage. Very popular body massage where you will get the satisfaction with kneading, long flowing strokes and frictions which brings heat and blood to the surface of the skin. It’s a quite type of sensual massage.
  • Nuru Massage. It’s a slippery massage. Nuru massage uses a trademarked gel named Nuru gel that is water with 98% of natural ingredients. It’s starting to be so popular massage services today.
  • Yoni massage. An exotic massage for the woman because of the areas the masseuse works. This massage covers all the body and there is not only a type of oil, it depends on theexperience you are looking for, the oil will be different.
  • Shiatsu massage. We didn’t want to finish this list to include the Shiatsu massage. This one is original from Japan and it uses elements of Western therapies. In this case, the massage therapist uses the fingers and palm to press area of your body to help to heal common imbalances in the body

It’s a deeply relaxing experience and removes the pain and illness.

body massage

4 Benefits of an Erotic massage

Sensual massage is a synonym for Erotic massage. If you decide to go to a massage center, it’s better to know the benefits that you will get after so fantastic experience. We are talking about a massage therapy and for that reason a stimulation of your erogenous zones.

  • Reduce anxiety. It helps to manage the stress and reduces it. On the other hands, it’s a recommendation for people with a medium and almost high depression, because it helps to sleep and a better concentration latterly.

  • Skin Benefits. The massage oils improve the skin regeneration and remove the dead ones. Equally, wounds as scars and stretch marks are continually disappearing. After the massage, you feel your skin as a baby skin.

  • Alleviated pain. The marvellous effects of a back-pain massage can give you the relief that you perhaps cannot get with a physiotherapist. Even if the pain is mental, a while having this kind of massage can help you to forget for an hour your problems.

  • Share thoughts. During the private massage, the customer can talk honestly with the masseuse about some situation in your life you are worried about. The lady might help you better and touch specific areas to reduce this kind of feelings.

body massage

 How to give a body to body massage

Finally, you have decided to offer a home massage to your love, partner or affair. But, the massage can get an extremely happy result of an absolute disaster. Take these easy steps and the other person will think you are a professional:

8 steps for a perfect and erotic body massage

STEP 1. The light. The first point to get an initial pleasure is regulating the light if you can. These must be soft and indirect, you could include candles and similar. It can be, the natural nocturnal light is able to help you.

STEP 2. Cut off your fingernails. It’s not necessary to give this advantage; however, if you are nervous, maybe you will forget the most minimum details. Before you plan everything, better check your hands and skin.

STEP 3. In the beginning, a bath is a great idea. The warm and soapy water will give the fully relax for the other person, and the latter job is going to be better. You should get in the bath with the other person and give him/her a little massage.

STEP 4. The temperature. Take care of warming your hand and keep a soft temperature, avoiding the chilly situation in the room.

STEP 5. Absolutely silence. Turn off the mobile phone keep it away from the massage room. Thank this you are focussing better on the situation and the attention is on.

STEP 6. The surface for the massage. Over the bed, the floor surrounded by coffins doesn’t matter while the other person is getting relax and comfortable.

STEP 7. Music and smells. Besides getting the surface or the massage oils, the other most important aspect is the music and the smells. Getting long-burning incense, an aromatherapy diffuser or candles to increase the erotic experience.

STEP 8. The Oils. Don’t spill the body massage oil suddenly over the body. If you wet sparingly your hands you won’t waste liquid. Move your hands all the time in contact with skin and slowly to spread the oil in circles and taking care more sensitive areas. Your work can be joining by soft words or breathing to get much more comfortable.

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5 Best body massage oils

It’s time for the body massage oils and this number of options you will get the best for your erotic experience.

Olive oil

Coconut oil

Sweet almond oil

Grape seed oil

Sunflower oil

Sesame oil

Jojoba oil

In majestic our massages don’t go unnoticed, at least, it the only point all the clients say about. We offer a fewerotic styles in Madrid. Maybe it’s because or high-quality services and the massage therapist are wonderful professionals.Contact us for more information and have a look at our service