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The relaxing massage is the most basic of our massages. Of simple content and with precise muscular techniques, the masseuse is dressed and gives the massage with her hands, treating the body of the person in a slow and balanced way. Getting a very pleasant relaxation and distension.

Sala masajes

Relaxing massages have the characteristic of being versatile and functional, adaptable to the nature of the person who receives it and key in the search for relaxation and physical and mental tranquility. Relaxing massage can be received in its gentle or energetic variety.

  • The first, the soft version; it is carried out mainly with the palm of the hands and forearms. With generous oil and developed globally, passing several times through all parts of the body, with a holistic touch.
  • The second, more energetic, involves profusion of pressure with knuckles, elbows, etc. After a phase of muscle warm-up in sections, to ensure that the relaxing massage relaxes but does not cause pain; reaching the deep layers of the musculature.

The massage is received on a futon or tatami.

How much does the relaxing massage cost at Majestic?

  • 30 minutes, € 50
  • 1 hour, € 80

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How is the Majestic relaxing massage different from the offer of other centers in Madrid?

All erotic massage centers in Madrid offer a relaxing massage. But what makes ours special?

Majestic’s Basic Relaxing Massage combines different Ayurvedic and Californian massage techniques with soothing caresses. It is a holistic massage that is performed from the tip of the foot to the head to bring you to a total relaxation of the body and mind.

With this massage we put aside the erotic part to immerse ourselves in a total relaxation that invites the recovery of vital energy and a deep mitigation of anxiety and daily stress.

At Majestic we care a lot about the quality of the massages we offer and that is why the training of our masseurs is so important. They all go through intensive professional training where they learn the key points and structure of the human body along with the different maneuvers and basic protocols of massage techniques. We know the importance of investing in human resources and that is why we consider our professionals the main pillar for the proper functioning of Majestic.

Unlike other centers, in Majestic we distinguish ourselves by our real and quality massages, offering a premium service from the moment the client calls by phone until they leave the Center. Our trajectory of more than 10 years working with the maximum dedication and the portfolio of fixed, national and international clients support us and allow us to continue with our work every day.

Who is our relaxing massage recommended for?

The basic relaxing massage is an ideal option for those who want to relax and are also curious to know a different erotic massage center in Madrid.

If you have been researching erotic massages, but don’t dare to take the step, because you prefer to go little by little, choose the basic relaxing massage option. You will know the facilities and you will be able to ask your masseuse in person any questions you have about the massage menu.

This massage is perfect to get you started in the world of erotic massages. Call us and tell us what you are looking for, what you expect from the massage and what experience you would like to live, your masseuse will know which is the massage that best suits your tastes, needs and concerns. Together you can find the perfect formula for you to enjoy, from start to finish, an unforgettable experience.

I have already started in the world of erotic massage … What options are there, with a greater erotic load than this relaxing massage?

If you have already started in the world of erotic massages, the basic relaxant may be too “light”. We invite you to experience something more sensual and exciting by trying the Intense Mutual massage, as it perfectly combines the relaxing part with different erotic techniques and tantric-inspired postures that will evoke Nirvana. Check out!