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This is one of the questions most couples make to us when considering coming to our place.
Often men, more than women,make such a question, by phone or email: how to raise with your girlfriend or wife the possibility of receiving our massages together .

Well, the first thing is you have to be totally honest: is NOT a good idea to book a session for both without telling your partner " to surprise her" . Doing this will make her get mad at you, because we, girls, feel " forced" if we haven't had time to know what is actually an erotic massage, and so ith will be very difficult to get her to relax , enjoy , take the initiative ... and so she may decide to "think about it " and "maybe" come back another day.

This will only be your fault , not hers . Girls need time to learn the new proposals, especially if they are sensual theme; we attach great importance to confidence and security of our relationship and we do not like "surprises" .

Also we prefer to share with you the process of finding these " hot " sites online, watch several and pick the one both of you like , choose date ( there are certain " dates " that just don't suit ... ) , choose type of massage .. .

Even being together when calling for reservation , ask all the questions and so be confident, so that this special day everything will be perfect .

Recently we read in the Diario de Mallorca , on the Valentine theme , an interview with psychologist Anna Gil where she comments that " To innovate in relationships is communication important that both parts of the couple involved ."

So from Majestic we recommend you to always chat with your companion about the idea of trying a massage and this way avoid as possible to hide any fact: it is better to sit together in front of the computer and browse our site to know exactly what our services consist of and all the choices and adaptations to your preferences we can offer you.