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A sensual and friendly voice can be heard through your iphone... she is one of our beautiful masseuses doing her best to explain herself in english, so that you can make it to our Massage Parlour!

Not difficult to find, our Center is located just beside the ME Hotel in St. Ann Square, downtown Madrid. 
You ring downstairs,front  door opens inmediatly: you arrived on time.

Upstairs, your masseuse invites you inside. Quiet music, incense fragrances surrounds you , but you are unable to notice nothing but her smile and kindness as she walks you through your Thematic Room.

While having a beverage and some chocolates, she explains several differences between the massages we offer. You can see the prices clearly on our Menu Massage.

After some chat about your preferences you decide the service. She then shows the shower cabin to you and gives you all the commodities you may need. She is going to prepare herself also for your massage, and will come back when you finish showering and lay down on the massage couch.

End of Part One....