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  Forget your daily troubles and stress, leave everything you'll need in your Massage Session (all kind of amennities, disposables, etc) in our hands and prepare to enjoy a wonderful Majestic Session in the best Massage Art Center in Madrid!

We remind our customers that our opening hours are from 10 in the morning to 10 in the night, Mon-Fri and 12 to 21 Sat-Sun, and that although there is always staff to welcome you, it is better to call before coming for not having to wait too much until a masseuse/masseur is available.

We are located at Calle Montera 32, 1st floor, right door, downtown Madrid, in the tourist area. Please book in advance :)

MAJESTIC MASSAGES now provides HOTEL SERVICE! Call us: 91 188 50 27  or  +34 633 622 779.
Outcalls have no extra charge, only taxi in case we need it. Just tell us date and time, address and room number, and you will receive your Majestic Massage in your hotel room (available massages in Hotels: Mutuo Light, Mutuo Intense, Visual Light, Visual Intense, Gelium and 4 Hands massages).

Here you may see our beautiful spanish masseuses. Also,you may  leave here your feedback about our services, we'll do our best to keep improving. 

There are several kinds of Massage Sessions in our Center, some are sensual, others are intense rather than subtle. Choose the one that fits with your mood today, relax and follow your Masseuse guidelinesNo sex is offered during our Sessions, but we use our hands and our body in a very sensual way so that you will finish your session completely relaxed.



    The simplest massage. The masseuse keeps dressed during the session. She gives a relaxing massage all over the body of the person, who reaches medium-level pleasure.

    80€ / 1h  -  50€ / 30 min 



    The masseuse guides the person to higher levels of pleasure, as she uses her all her body to give the massage. No direct interaction with the masseuse is permitted in an active way, this is a receptive massage.
    100€ / 1h  -  60€ / 30 min


    The masseuse guides the person to higher levels of pleasure, as she uses her hands, arms, all body, to give the massage. After this, the masseuse will invite the person to interact with her in a guided way.
     130€ / 1h  -  70€ / 30 min


    This is a Unique Erotic Session: conceived for those who still have doubts about erotic massages, this is a medium-level erotic massage with much Visual Beauty.
    The first part consists of a relaxing all-over-the-body massage, and then a second masseuse joins the Session. The two masseuses will bring you to a high pleasure state performing a very sensual show. In it you will be able to enjoy and learn the way both masseuses like to be touched when they receive the massage. A wonderful torture, as no direct interaction (active) is permitted.
150€ / 1h 


    A breath-taking Session consisting of a very relaxing massage, a body to body  massage where the masseuse will use hands, arms, breast, feet, legs, bottom...all her body in a very original and sensual way. She then will ellaborate an Exotic Massage (Bamboo, Hot Stones, Egyptian Feathers or Packed Aromatic Herbs) on your body. The time to repay her with kindness, guided first, and then more freely will come now... You both will develope an "erotic game" during wich excitement will rise without brakes... 
    For a more intense skin-feeling experience you can ask for a Sensual Mask for free.
    She will wear a g-string only. No sex permitted.
    200€ / 70 min  -  120€ / 30 min


    The best combination of "Mutuo Intense" and "Visual Light" is the Majestic Visual Intense. A Relaxing massage, a very intense Body to Body massage where the masseuse will use hands, arms, breast, feet, legs, bottom...all her body in a very original and sensual way. She then will ellaborate an Exotic Massage (Bamboo, Hot Stones, Egyptian Feathers or Packed Aromatic Herbs) on your body. 
    Then a second masseuse joins the Session, to bring you to a high pleasure state performing a very Erotic Show. In it you will be able to enjoy and learn the way both masseuses like to be touched when they receive the massage. A wonderful torture, as no direct interaction is allowed. And after this you will feel both masseuses all over your body in the most Sensual and Erotic Massage we offer, feeling free to interact with them the way you already learned they like it, having watched them before...
    They will wear a g-string only.
    For a more intense skin-feeling experience you may ask for a Sensual Mask for free. No explicit sex.
    250€ / 70 min



   Our most erotic, intense and technically ellaborated Massage given by one masseuse. 70 minutes of beautifully played techniques in wich the masseuse is covered with a special warm Gel mixture, used traditionally in Nuru Massage, combined with a deep muscular massage all over your body, using our feet, legs and bottom in a very erotic way, assisted by a strategically designed metal rod over our heads... Enjoy then our Dancing Torture while we slide all over you surrounding your body with no mercifulness...A qualitative different session that you will remember for a looong time...
250€ / 70 min  - 140€ / 40 min



Double your pleasure in any of the following massages, B2B, Mutuo Light Mutuo Intense and Gelium, with prices 200€,260€, 400€ and 500€, all of them available in Massage Madrid Majestic. Best option if you wish to feel like in Heaven surrounded by two of our beautiful and sensual spanish masseuses.


    Coming soon, the most Intense and Erotic Massage will be available in our Majestic Center. A delicious Torture covered with warm oil mixture and water, a heady and sedative pleasure.


   Our erotic masseuses (boys and girls) are all nice, skilled, spanish professionals. We are very proud to say that they give the most original, sensual  massages in the city of Madrid. All our massages start with a relaxing/muscular massage, given from toes to head, introducing erotic techniques, step by step, so that the personreceiving the massage session will feel like in Heaven.
Our erotic and sensual masseuses will also use special tantric massage techniques, to provide sensuality from the start, and a calm and peaceful experience typical of a Tantra Massage Session: slow and deep strokes on your muscular tissue, quiet and relaxing movements in your erotic massage that will make you feel relaxed once you leave our place.
There are several possibilities if you wish to have a massage with us in Majestic Massage Madrid: Body massage, Mutual Massage, Intense Mutual, Majestic Gelium,four hands Massage... all of them have different levels of erotic massage techniques and longer or shorter sensual sections. You only have to call us so that you can ask one of our masseuses what type of massage you wish to receive, what are the differences between them, get answers for any question you may have, ask for your desired masseuse... You can also choose the Massage Thematic Room you prefer. And then tell us your name, date and time you wish to have your Massage Session so that we can make your reservation. Remember we are open almost all day, 10 to 22h, (12 to 20h on weekends) and that we are located in the center of Madrid, in the tourist area, close to most of downtown Madrid Hotels.

Hope to meet you soon!