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Last updated: Apr 6, 2018
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To experience an incredible Erotic Massage with Tantric Inspiration performed by beautiful spanish masseuses, follow these steps:

0. Please remember to make an appointment :)

1. Delight yourself with our gorgeous spanish masseuses (more pictures here). We can send you more via Whatsapp (+34 633 622 779)

    Paula masseuse in madrid  Sara tantric masseuse

2. Have a look at our Massage Menu (you can choose your Sensual Session once you have met your masseuse):

Gelium Erotic massage   Erotic Visual Light massage   Erotic Visual Intense massage

Erotic Mutuo Light massage   Erotic Mutuo Intense massage   Body Erotic massage

3. Make your appointment and solve your questions talking to one of us:

0034 91 188 50 27 or +34 633 622 779 (whatsapp)
(10am to 10pm and 12pm to 10pm on weekends)
majesticmadrid (@)
Plaza de Santa Ana, building No 1, 2nd floor left door, in the tourist area.

Massage Center in Madrid

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Nuru massage in madrid

Infinite Relaxation. Infinite Pleasure. Infinite Madness.
When we explain our massages to you, we point out the best features about them.
When we explain Infinity... Wait. We just don't  :p

Some of the massage techniques we include, depending on the massage you choose are: accupressure, feet massage, prostatic massage, four hands body massage, hot stones, aromatic herbal pinds, bamboo, acrobatic techniques.
Ask for the best massage ever, the Gelium Massage (Best massage ever!!), with Nuru and fantasy techniques (Nuru massage techniques are combined with a special surprise you will not expect... Only for the Braves!)
All our staff have spanish origins and speak fluent english :)
Remember to ask us about special promotions for 4hands massage and Extended Time massages :)

Top 6 Erotic games for couples — What are and their benefits

Are you looking for ways to spice things up in your relationship? No need to look further more! Today in our post we will tell you some of the best erotic games for couples to spice up your sex life!

If you want to keep your partner's passion alive, we propose some incredible erotic games to excite you with your partner as the first day.

If you're comfortable with your partner but notice that sex is becoming monotonous or routine, there's no reason to leave the boat without doing your part. A good way to maintain passion are sexual games to do with your partner. Imagination is the best sexual toy that exists and that's why we're going to propose some erotic and sex games for couples to make passion explode. With our ideas and these accessories, you won't get bored again!

 erotic games for couples

What are erotic games?

Although there are many options and alternatives in this area of sex and sexual preferences, from the hardest things to simpler things that serve to break the monotony of a couple, there is everything so it would be good to simply start from the concept.

The erotic games, as its name says is the prelude to sex, are games that stimulate the mind and play with situations or fantasies that take the couple out of common and ordinary situations.

With these games you can challenge your mind while eroticizing your body in the process, these are activities that help the couple to reinvent their intimacy.

And there are a lot of games, you just have to go to a sex shop online to find the different variations they have, or with your partner, you can invent a new game that takes eroticism to another level and makes them find the passion.

Curious, but sometimes these games help to rediscover the lost intimacy of some couples, while the more open-minded people turn these activities into everyday ways of enjoying safe sex.

Erotic games for couples: let’s start the party!

Maintaining passion in your relationship is vital and things like work, stress and routine cause that spark to decrease, but there are many sex games that allow you to enjoy sex with your partner and keep the passion alive.

In order to keep your relationship at the highest levels and to keep your desire intact, it is necessary to incorporate new and exciting sensations into your life every day. An excellent to maintain passion is to incorporate sexual games, where your imagination is your best weapon, so today in our post we offer some ideas of erotic games as well known as sex games that will increase the flame of passion and eliminate boredom from your life.

The erotic game of erotic dating

Phil and Claire Dunphy exemplify it perfectly in Modern Family. Do you need a little morbidity in your sex life? Stay somewhere with your partner, introduce yourself as if you didn't know him at all and invent a life different from yours.

Once you've been seduced again (or for the first time, depending on how you look at it), go to a hotel to finish a perfect date.

During sex also go out of your usual role with your partner and do things that surprise him or in a different way than usual. Remember: it is as if for a night you were different people and as if it were the first time you make love, you should try to make it as realistic as possible.

The erotic game of sexting

If your partner isn't around, there's no reason not to play! If you have enough confidence with him, try sexting. Send him a dirty message or a sexy picture and have him follow your game. Such situations are tremendously morbid and will involve the sex appeal relationship beyond your usual intimate moments. If you want to fulfill this and other fantasies, discover in this one which of them goes more with your personality. 

Sextingis one of the best erotic games for couples of all time to spice up a relationship!

How about playing love-making in completely new places?

In an elevator, on a train, on a plane, in a dressing room... Although if you want to start with something simpler, a very exciting way to do it is in the car. Go to an open field or (if you prefer something more romantic) to some natural park where you can see the stars and play to relive your youth or try new things with some of these positions of the Kamasutra in the car. 

Sex toys

Try some sex toys such as dildos, vibrators before and during your sexual relationship.

There are lots of sex toys. There are erotic toys of all different prices, types, materials, and colors. This ensures that everybody, regardless of their tastes and preferences, can find a toy they can use to have a good time.

erotic games for couples


Role-playing is always fun. Your boy could pretend to be the doctor, and you could pretend to be a patient who’s come to the doctor’s office. Ask your partner to lie down on the bed fully clothed and pretend like you’re examining her. Look for excuses to touch the patient (her), and undress the patient giving different excuses.

Use characters that work for you and arouse each other, if you want the experience to be fun.

Have you ever tried recording yourself?

First of all, you only have to do this with someone you trust completely. If that's your case, put a couple of cameras in the room and record yourself having sex as if you were erotic movie stars. When you see it later, you will surely get very excited and discover new ways of giving yourself pleasure or small mistakes that you can work on. Maybe this could become a regular practice in your sex relationships— erotic couple videos

erotic games for couples

The benefits of erotic games for couples

  • It helps us to enjoy something as natural and intrinsic to us as sex.
  • They revive our relationship as a couple.
  • They help us to achieve greater unity as a couple at all levels. They help us to discover our physiology. Know your erogenous zones, know your body; it is the best way to help the other to give you more pleasure.

As you can see, there are many erotic games that you can play together with your sex toys to have better sex with your partner. Do you feel like experimenting and checking it out?

Remember imagination, communication, and interest are the factors that allow our relationship to be satisfying. Would you dare to practice these erotic games for couples?

We hope this post has helped you to know more about erotic games for couples. In Majestic Massages we like to use our blog to tell you about all kind of experiences and give ideas that will allow you to have a more fun and full sexual.

Get in touch with us and get to know the most incredible erotic massages in Madrid and their different modalities. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon

How Much Does A Full Body Massage Cost? Is It Worth Your Money?

 ‘How much does a full body massage cost?’ We get why you are wondering this question. Maybe you desperately need to disconnect from reality after a long day of work, or maybe you are looking for a new erotic experience through a whole body massage to find the greatest pleasure.

We guess you want to make the right choice and spend your money on the best body massage. So the first thing you should do is to know what a full body massage is. Then it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth it or not.

What Is a Full Body Massage?

oil massage

A full body massage is the ultimate massage service. A good professional will focus on all the areas of your body so you have the most relaxing time while receiving the best therapeutic massage you can imagine.

What does a full body massage include? On the first part of the session, you lay facing down while your masseur uses some special oil and starts massaging your back and shoulders. Then, the professional will slowly touch other parts of your body finishing at your feet.

The second part begins when you flip over to face the ceiling. The masseur will continue massaging from your toes to your legs, your chest, your neck and finally your head. When the massage is done, you feel like you are born again.

The biggest advantage of the full body massage is that you can ask the masseur to focus on the troublesome areas, like a hurting back after sitting at the office for more than eight hours. When you find out how much does a full body massage cost, consider that they’re offering you a tailored experience.

The pleasure you feel during this massage is impossible to compare. It’s as sensual as a body-to-body massage, but the river of sensations you get all over your body takes your breath away. No doubt it’s one of the best massage services ever.

What To Expect From A Full Body Massage

It may seem obvious, but you must expect a full massage, neither more nor less. Time, light, and high-standard professional services should be more relevant to you than how much does a full body massage cost. Full body massage prices vary from one provider to another.

Keep in mind that you will be paying for more than the massage itself. There are more factors you should consider before choosing the service:


 Atmosphere. The center or the person that provides the massage must pay attention to the details. You should find a soft light, relaxing background music, warm temperature, pleasing smells… The right place is essential to make the most of your massage.

 Knowledge and experience. Don’t you prefer someone who knows what they are doing? Your body health is absolutely important, so we recommend you find out if you can trust the person who is going to massage you from your head to your toes.

 Time. A full body massage should last from 50 to 90 minutes. Don’t accept a shorter service, because the masseur won’t have enough time to properly work on every part of your body.

But how much does a full body massage cost? The best moment to think about the price is after you have gone through this check-list. Of course, you may add all the factors that matter to you in order to find the most satisfying massage session.

How Much Does A Full Body Massage Cost?

How much is a full body massage? It definitely depends on your standards. If you aren’t too picky, you can find a cheap full body massage almost everywhere. But you should ask yourself these questions:

 Do you feel that you can trust the company or the masseur?

 Is your body health at risk if you choose this service?

 Does the massage service match your previous expectations?

 Do you consider that they offer a fair massage price list?

The decision is more complex than only considering how much does a full body massage cost. The higher you set the standards, the higher the massage cost is. If you want the best body massager, you will have to pay a fair price for it.

When it comes to full body massages, spending some more money on a luxurious and healthy experience is the wisest choice. So, how much does a massage cost? As you already know, the atmosphere and the masseur skills set the different prices.

We’ll always recommend that you count on thoughtful and kind professionals, like the masseurs you will find at Masajes Majestic. Don’t hesitate and contact us if you want to ask how much does a full body massage cost.

How to seduce a man: Things you should know & Tips

In general, women do not have any problem to talk and interact with men who do not attract us.  In situations like this, we feel attractive and capable without any problem; without even realizing it.

Unfortunately when it comes to conquering the heart of a man we love...absolute stress begins. We begin to have the opposite behavior to the one we should have. We do everything to look attractive and the man runs away!

If you want to know how to seduce a man, keep reading because I’m about to give you some valuable tips you’ll want to use immediately on that guy you’ve got the hots for.

how to seduce a man


First → How do I manage my emotional life? 

Follow these basic rules to learn how to manage your emotional life while seducing a man:

Rule #1: Woman, you should never listen to a man's words. Yes, I know it's hard not to hear it because you love it when it tells you how it feels about you. It is important that you realize that this situation sometimes gets you into trouble because you don't have to listen to what he tells you but see what he does.

Rule #2: Don't show him all your interest. You've heard the phrase, "Two steps forward and one step back.

Rule #3: Don't get involved so quickly. A woman who is too much in love is disenchanted.

Rule #4: Maintain balance in all areas of your life. A seductive woman is triumphant. This does not mean that she is perfect and has never been wrong, but that she has learned a lot from her mistakes.  A woman who strives to be a better one, according to her convictions and dreams.

How to seduce a man

A seductive woman knows perfectly well what she must do to get what she wants.

Sometimes she is criticized by other women for her great ability to drive men crazyfor her, but in reality, she is simply envious.

how to seduce a man

Any woman can easily attract the glances of men, but to really seduce will need much more than a skirt or a neckline. There is a reality very little known by women but very important and is that seduction goes beyond the physical. It is more about thought, communication, and humor. If you want to conquer a man you will need to work these 3 parts here. Only in this way will you be aware of your great value and be able to show it to the world.

Tips to seduce a man

These tips have been scientifically-proven to seduce a man that you can start using asap.

1- Make yourself difficult. Anticipation and enthusiasm can limit a man's attraction. It is in your best interest to delay gratification. Take two steps forward and one step back.

2- Develop a fun personality. It will be easier for you to stand out from the crowd and let men notice you.

3- Use perfume. Aroma is one of the most powerful subconscious influences affecting our judgments about the other sex. That is why perfuming yourself is vital to succeed in the process of how to seduce a man.

4- Show a little, but hide a little more. Don't dress too provocative, insinuate the attributes of your body, without exhibiting them. It is very important that you feel really sexy.

5- Show security. You must learn to have the confidence of a top model. Being a woman who knows what she wants and how to get it is incredibly attractive.

6- Send him signs of interest. Wet your lips and bite them from time to time, play with your hair, tilt your head to the side when he talks, show your wrists... There are several techniques, but always remember not to exaggerate.

7- Be spontaneous. Being seductive is all about spontaneity. Nothing ruins an intimate moment quicker than overthinking things. If you’re feeling sexy, act on it.

After a hard week at work, for every man, it’s very seductive when a woman surprises a guy with an unexpected visit, last minute weekend plans, or even just a spontaneous phone call.

8- Kill with your eyes. Start with sidelong glances, as if they were accidental. Then you can make direct eye contact. Try to create an innocent and playful look.

how to seduce a man

9- Touch it accidentally. Stroke his hand unintentionally, try to make it look credible. This way, you generate a physical connection and communicate that your interest goes beyond a friendship.

10- Dance with sensuality. Learn to dance in an erotic way and unnoticed look for him to look at you. It is a very powerful tool.

11- Tell him what you want. If you know what you’re into and what turns you on, tell him, even if it’s just in a teasing way…that you actually mean. Bare it all, verbally.

“Some women underestimate the power of seduction through words. There’s nothing sexier than hearing what a woman wants, what turns her on…it really gets a man thinking sexual thoughts.”

12- Make him feel important. You must flip the man's switch that makes you think he seduced you, not the other way around. Allow yourself to be the hero: they love to feel that sense of security.

We hope this post has helped you to know how to seduce a man. In Majestic Massages, we like to use our blog to tell you about all kind of experiences and give ideas that will allow you to have a more fun and full sexual life.

Get in touch with us and get to know the most incredible erotic massages in Madrid and their different modalities. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Where Are The Best Massage Parlors In The World?

Imagine you could travel wherever you want. Anywhere, right now. What would you do? Probably you’d walk the streets, have dinner at the nicest restaurant and… Why not? Pay a visit to the best massage parlor in town. What a relaxing way to end your getaway!

Just in case this fantasy comes true, let us guide you through the best massage parlors in the world. Freedom, luxury and pleasure. What else could you ask for?

Majestic Massages, The Best Massage Parlor in Madrid (Spain)

Do you feel like going to the best massage parlor in Madrid? Majestic Massages is right in the center of the city, so it’s very easy to get there and enjoy one of the most exciting experiences you can have in Spain.

Once you’re in, you are seduced by the luxurious and sensual vibes that fill the atmosphere. It’s a place nobody wants to leave: time stops, your worries are gone and nothing matters but the feeling of the masseur or masseuse’s hands caressing every inch of your skin.

Experience a full body massage like you never did. Or enjoy a couple massage that will reinforce the bond between you and your loved one.

Whatever you choose, Majestic Massages professionals will be delicate and loving to you, because they just want to make you feel welcomed to their home.

You will remember Spain as the sexiest place you’ve ever been to.

Location: Plaza Santa Ana, 1, Madrid

Contact: 0034 91 188 50 27

Estelle Massages Naturistes, A Classy Massage Spa in Paris (France)

You know how sexy Paris can get. Obviously, we have found the best massage in France in the best massage parlor, which is located pretty close to the Eiffel Tower. Can you imagine a more convenient plan than this one? Romanticism plus pleasure in just one evening!

The professional masseurs at Estelle Massages Naturistes know all the tricks to help you to relax and feel every second of a very intense session. Their knowledge is as good as their sophisticated taste for erotic experiences. You won’t find a place as classy as this one in Paris.

Location: 40 Avenue Bosquet, Paris ‎

Contact: +33 (0) 1 45 00 52 03

Lotus Tantric Massage, London’s Best Massage Parlor (England)

If you’re looking for a fun and sexy way to top your trip to London, head to this massage club and let the masseur give you a memory you will always cherish.

You’ll feel sensuality taking over your body while you are on the hands of these professionals, who are trained to give you the most relaxing body massage you can think of. There’s a reason why this place is in our list of best massage parlors.

This is one of the loveliest local massage parlors in the city, known because it is discreet and intimate. Has London become England’s capital of pleasure?

Location: Dalston, North London N1

Contact: 07 883 864 320

Soul Bliss, A Great Oriental Massage In Copenhagen (Denmark)

Could you imagine one of the best massage parlors is in the capital of Denmark? We usually imagine Northern countries as cold and distant, but that is completely untrue when it comes to Danish massage parlors.

This place is focused on pleasure and the art of enjoying the moment. They want to make you feel at home and fully appreciated. Their techniques come from tantra, an exotic massage that works both on body and mind to take you to the top of your feelings.

So if you’re seeking more than a back massage in Copenhagen, give this massage parlor a chance.

Location: Vesterbrogade 20A, 1, Copenhaguen

Contact: +45 533 77 882

best massage parlor

Fellina, Your Exotic Massage In Barcelona (Spain)

Barcelona is a passionate city from the ground to the top of the buildings. It’s not too complicated to find massages places, which leads us to this question: where’s the best massage parlor in Barcelona?

We are sure the one that you will love the most is Fellina. The massage rooms are absolutely stunning, and they match the elegance of their masseurs and masseuses. You can choose from a wide range of options, from a male massage to an experience for you and your partner.

If you needed one more reason to fall in love with Barcelona, here it is!

Location: Can Bruixa Street, 44b, 08014 Barcelona

Contact: +34 934 915 035

Nuru Studio, Go For A Hot Massage In New York City (United States of America)

New York City has it all, including erotism and sensuality. The Big Apple is huge, so you really need to know the reliable places you can go to. Don’t go crazy searching on the Internet and let us show you the best massage parlor in the city.

“We don't smoke, but we know how to start fires”. That is Nuru Studio’s slogan. Do you feel aroused already? This is the place you should go to when you need to forget about the stress of New York.

If you get here after a business meeting, you will completely release all that tension.

One of the reasons why we think Nuru Studio must be on this list is their original and thoughtful massage services. You’ll be surprised and we bet the experience will exceed your expectations.

Location: 215 East 37 St, New York City

Contact: +1 707 999 7380

best massage parlor

Kiss, An Asian Massage to Remember in Bangkok (Thailand)

Kiss offers the best massages in Bangkok, and we dare anyone to find a massage center more fantastic than this one.

The best massage parlor in Bangkok allows you to explore the limits of your pleasure in a great environment. The professional team of Kiss uses gel, soap, and oils to activate your senses and make the experience unforgettable.

This is truly one of our favorite massage centers in the world, as it combines adventure and passion.

Location: 261/28 Sukhumvit Soi 22, Bangkok

Contact: 09 4208 2884

Silky Touch, Top Massage In Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Those who need some kindness and the touch of two loving hands after a long day of work in Amsterdam feel like they arrived to Heaven when they try Silky Touch.

Amsterdam can make you anxious sometimes, full of tourists in every corner, bikes riding like crazy on the streets, non-stop activities day and night … Just say goodbye to all that stress and close your eyes while you’re body is loved and repaired by this skilled masseuse.

Location: Hoofddorp plein, Amsterdam

Contact: 062 636 99 87

Now we’ll give you some privacy so you can continue picturing the improvised getaway that will take you to one of the best massage parlors in the world. As we just proved, there are great massage places all over the world waiting for you to visit them.

If your destination happens to be Madrid… just remember Majestic Massages. Call us and make your appointment. ;)

What are the differences between exotic massages and erotic massages?

Have you ever wondered where the charm of an exotic massage is hidden - is an exotic massage the same as an erotic massage? More and more people are deciding to immerse themselves in the world of massage and to try out the different forms of massage that exist.

It is true that for the taste of colors, so you do not always have to choose between one of the two, but you can combine the eroticism of an erotic massage with an exotic and exciting environment of exotic massages.

Here's the difference between these two great pleasures, you want to know more? read on to read that it gets interesting!

What characterizes an exotic massage?

An exotic massage is an intimate massage between two people which is focused on the touch and stimulate each other. Moreover, how to do an erotic massage is out of criticism and expectation.

During an erotic massage, the parts of the body where you will get pleasure from the other person are:

  • Hands
  • Foot
  • Pubic Mound
  • Ears
  • Lips

We advise you to practice these massages with a professional and experience to avoid possible problems and stress, the enemy of the relax.

erotic massage

What are the different types of exotic massages that exist?

Oriental massage

This sensual massage is perfect for avoiding the stress. We use aromatic oils and rose petals, cherry blossoms, and orange flowers. The back is the protagonist of this massage and we are looking for the pleasure and a buried stimulation.

As soon as you start the adult massage, the softness is impressive, it’s working with everybody and the sleep can catch you mostly because the relax.

Reiki massage

Yes, you heard that way, from the Japanese culture we get Reiki massage, an exotic massage where you wear clothes all the time. This quiet massage is focused on the spiritual aspect. Making the experience so grateful.

In case you love Asian medicine, this massage uses western science and the energy from the physical, mental and spiritual well-being. You don’t need aromatic oils for this adult exotic massage.

Lomilomi massage

From Hawaii, we bring you this sensual massage. It’s well known because the object of the massage: energizing and revitalizing. The amount of oil is huge. Even, for more than two hours and soft music, the massage will remove the stress.

As experts we are, sometimes an exotic massage only for muscles and reduce the tension is necessary.

Kobido massage

Another exotic from Japan. It’s a massage to get elasticity and rejuvenate facial skin. However, the oils and other products used for the erotic sensual massage are natural and antibacterial.

During the massage, the circular movement over the body helps to improve the blood circulation and lymphatic system. It’s no a massage for everybody, all people with scrapes or cuts or even, Botox injections on the faces, should avoid it.

Shiatsu Massage

It’s the most famous exotic massage you will see on the list. It’s still growing up since the 1970s. Especially, it’s for pressure points on the body like hands, thumbs or feet. Either, it’s not a tantric massage but, the results are very similar.

The pressure is the main practice over the massage and not everybody can support it. Maybe, for some of us is enjoyable.

Swedish massage

The erotic nude massage we are going to talk about now is the second most famous on the list. A unique experience and known worldwide. It’s basically, a mixed of another kind of exotic massage.

It depends on the results you want to get, from Western medicine to the Eastern part of the world. The action of this exotic massage improves the body’s immune system.

erotic massage

How is an erotic massage different from an exotic massage?

Both are sexy massages. But, even they sound the same, they are not the same.

  • Erotic massage: it’s a sensitive and sensual massage. It uses specific technics to get deep carnal and seductive feeling during the massage. Including, through it, we can get orgasms. Along the history, it was used for a medical purpose and not in an erotic way.
  • Exotic massage: A mixed of Japanese, Chinese and other exotic countries where people use so commonly and daily. The result of it is not looking for an exciting erogenous point from the body.

What do they have in common?

Mainly, these massages have a few points in common. They are finding out the pleasure and the enjoyable moment. With soft movements using fingers and thumbs, we can get the most difficult narrows parts of the body.

Although, the pressure we put over the body is different, depending on the part of it. These intimate massages offer moments of happiness, positive comfort and gratification to you.

What is the purpose of an exotic massage?

When the exotic massage is making by a couple, it’s a good way to know each other and an introduction of sex later. If one of you is doing a massage, it’s the perfect way to see how to give an erotic massage with your partner.

You will see how your hands are working over the other body and the pressure to put that won’t trigger inconvenience and troubles later.

It depends on the are you work; the results are totally different. On the legs and feet, the sexy massage will give you a better blood circulation and rest. Soon, the massage is passing over the skin and induce a quiet feeling. Clearly, the perfect situation and position for a pleasant act of sex.

s it clearer to you what the difference is between these two types of relaxing massages? If you've been wanting to try them on your own skin do not hesitate to contact us, we have massage specialists who will make you travel through the most exotic paradise just by putting their hands on your penis. We'll be waiting for you, you won't regret it!

erotic massage

Erotic Massage in Madrid

  Forget your daily troubles and stress, leave everything you'll need in your Massage Session (all kind of amennities, disposables, etc) in our hands and prepare to enjoy a wonderful Majestic Session in the best Massage Art Center in Madrid!

We remind our customers that our opening hours are from 10 in the morning to 10 in the night, Mon-Fri and 12 to 21 Sat-Sun, and that although there is always staff to welcome you, it is better to call before coming for not having to wait too much until a masseuse/masseur is available.

We are located at Plaza de Santa Ana 1, 2nd floor, left door, ( map ) downtown Madrid, in the tourist area. Please book in advance :)

MAJESTIC MASSAGES now provides HOTEL SERVICE! Call us: 91 188 50 27  or  +34 633 622 779.
Outcalls have no extra charge, only taxi in case we need it. Just tell us date and time, address and room number, and you will receive your Majestic Massage in your hotel room (available massages in Hotels: Mutuo Light, Mutuo Intense, Visual Light, Visual Intense, Gelium and 4 Hands massages).

Here you may see our beautiful spanish masseuses. Also,you may  leave here your feedback about our services, we'll do our best to keep improving. 

There are several kinds of Massage Sessions in our Center, some are sensual, others are intense rather than subtle. Choose the one that fits with your mood today, relax and follow your Masseuse guidelinesNo sex is offered during our Sessions, but we use our hands and our body in a very sensual way so that you will finish your session completely relaxed.



    The simplest massage. The masseuse keeps dressed during the session. She gives a relaxing massage all over the body of the person, who reaches medium-level pleasure.

    80€ / 1h  -  50€ / 30 min 



    The masseuse guides the person to higher levels of pleasure, as she uses her all her body to give the massage. No direct interaction with the masseuse is permitted in an active way, this is a receptive massage.
    100€ / 1h  -  60€ / 30 min


    The masseuse guides the person to higher levels of pleasure, as she uses her hands, arms, all body, to give the massage. After this, the masseuse will invite the person to interact with her in a guided way.
     130€ / 1h  -  70€ / 30 min


    This is a Unique Erotic Session: conceived for those who still have doubts about erotic massages, this is a medium-level erotic massage with much Visual Beauty.
    The first part consists of a relaxing all-over-the-body massage, and then a second masseuse joins the Session. The two masseuses will bring you to a high pleasure state performing a very sensual show. In it you will be able to enjoy and learn the way both masseuses like to be touched when they receive the massage. A wonderful torture, as no direct interaction (active) is permitted.
150€ / 1h 


    A breath-taking Session consisting of a very relaxing massage, a body to body  massage where the masseuse will use hands, arms, breast, feet, legs, bottom...all her body in a very original and sensual way. She then will ellaborate an Exotic Massage (Bamboo, Hot Stones, Egyptian Feathers or Packed Aromatic Herbs) on your body. The time to repay her with kindness, guided first, and then more freely will come now... You both will develope an "erotic game" during wich excitement will rise without brakes... 
    For a more intense skin-feeling experience you can ask for a Sensual Mask for free.
    She will wear a g-string only. No sex permitted.
    200€ / 70 min  -  120€ / 30 min


    The best combination of "Mutuo Intense" and "Visual Light" is the Majestic Visual Intense. A Relaxing massage, a very intense Body to Body massage where the masseuse will use hands, arms, breast, feet, legs, bottom...all her body in a very original and sensual way. She then will ellaborate an Exotic Massage (Bamboo, Hot Stones, Egyptian Feathers or Packed Aromatic Herbs) on your body. 
    Then a second masseuse joins the Session, to bring you to a high pleasure state performing a very Erotic Show. In it you will be able to enjoy and learn the way both masseuses like to be touched when they receive the massage. A wonderful torture, as no direct interaction is allowed. And after this you will feel both masseuses all over your body in the most Sensual and Erotic Massage we offer, feeling free to interact with them the way you already learned they like it, having watched them before...
    They will wear a g-string only.
    For a more intense skin-feeling experience you may ask for a Sensual Mask for free. No explicit sex.
    250€ / 70 min



   Our most erotic, intense and technically ellaborated Massage given by one masseuse. 70 minutes of beautifully played techniques in wich the masseuse is covered with a special warm Gel mixture, used traditionally in Nuru Massage, combined with a deep muscular massage all over your body, using our feet, legs and bottom in a very erotic way, assisted by a strategically designed metal rod over our heads... Enjoy then our Dancing Torture while we slide all over you surrounding your body with no mercifulness...A qualitative different session that you will remember for a looong time...
250€ / 70 min  - 140€ / 40 min



Double your pleasure in any of the following massages, B2B, Mutuo Light Mutuo Intense and Gelium, with prices 200€,260€, 400€ and 500€, all of them available in Massage Madrid Majestic. Best option if you wish to feel like in Heaven surrounded by two of our beautiful and sensual spanish masseuses.


    Coming soon, the most Intense and Erotic Massage will be available in our Majestic Center. A delicious Torture covered with warm oil mixture and water, a heady and sedative pleasure.


   Our erotic masseuses (boys and girls) are all nice, skilled, spanish professionals. We are very proud to say that they give the most original, sensual  massages in the city of Madrid. All our massages start with a relaxing/muscular massage, given from toes to head, introducing erotic techniques, step by step, so that the personreceiving the massage session will feel like in Heaven.
Our erotic and sensual masseuses will also use special tantric massage techniques, to provide sensuality from the start, and a calm and peaceful experience typical of a Tantra Massage Session: slow and deep strokes on your muscular tissue, quiet and relaxing movements in your erotic massage that will make you feel relaxed once you leave our place.
There are several possibilities if you wish to have a massage with us in Majestic Massage Madrid: Body massage, Mutual Massage, Intense Mutual, Majestic Gelium,four hands Massage... all of them have different levels of erotic massage techniques and longer or shorter sensual sections. You only have to call us so that you can ask one of our masseuses what type of massage you wish to receive, what are the differences between them, get answers for any question you may have, ask for your desired masseuse... You can also choose the Massage Thematic Room you prefer. And then tell us your name, date and time you wish to have your Massage Session so that we can make your reservation. Remember we are open almost all day, 10 to 22h, (12 to 20h on weekends) and that we are located in the center of Madrid, in the tourist area, close to most of downtown Madrid Hotels.

Hope to meet you soon!

New Masseurs in Majestic Massage Madrid

We are proud to announce our new masseurs in our Massage Madrid - Majestic Center: Héctor and Amanda are now part of our team.

As described in their profiles, Amanda is a very sensuous and nice masseuse. She is very fond of erotism and the likes since a long time and has always been very interested in mastering the hability to control her own body as well as other's, and learning every skill she can to heighten pleasure in several and original ways. Especially, she manages to doblegate the arousal of the receptor so that excitation lasts as much as possible.

Beautiful girl, she has long, shining hair and rosed cheeks. Spending the time with her is like being in Heaven: it is really enticing to see her moving over you, in a fluid manner, fucusing on your well being and on how you respond to her tantric techniques.

We recommend you to blindly follow her instructions, as every step is important especially in sessions where tantric postures are developed between you two. Pay attention mainly when she guides you to a journey of pleasure, full of ups and downs, preparing your body for an awsome climax.

And Héctor... what can we say about him? Do not be fooled by the impressive pictures of his body. He is not just a nice face: he has wide experience as a masseur in areas like massage, yoga, alternative therapies for women and men.

A complete therapist with a real deep sense of sensuality and elegance, and usually he includes a previous short and general study of your muscular and well being state. He is a really good observer, intuitive and he is able to make you feel confortable after just five minutes of having met.

He is a really Tantric Master, trustworthy and kind. You will feel calm and free to ask whatever questions you may have.

In case you wish to have an appointment with Amanda, you may ask for it between 10am and 4pm weekdays, and some saturdays (remember to call before).

To make a reservation with Héctor, an appointment is always needed, and you must indicate day and time you wish to have your session.

Merry Christmas to you all, gift the best present to yourselves and your partner in Majestic Massages Madrid.

Call us : 633622779


Massage Master Class: Majestic Experience

NEW: Majestic Experience in Majestic Massage Madrid

We all love to receive a sensual massage, alone or with our partner, given by one or two Majestic Masseuses in one of our 4 Thematic Rooms... Yes, but... what about getting to work a bit and learn the different techniques the masseuses provide to us?

This is now possible thanks to our new service, Majestic Experience: a Master class of erotic massages. 
It consists of three erotic sessions provided by two masseuses, during which you will be taught the basics of our erotic techniques, including full body massage, using hands and your own body for it, non-obvious regions on your partners body that deserve your attention, practice with feet in a very sensual way, use of bamboo, feathers, hot stones and other stroking techniques, and the most important thing: help you become able to control your partners pleasure and arousal state so that she/he feels really high pleasure during the erotic massage, enjoying every minute, wishing the climax but experiencing the complete, quite long, session once you are toghether in privacy.

The three massage sessions must be purchased toghether (100€ each): 45min/ massage session with two masseuses (one will teach you while you massage the other, who will tell you how well you are doing the techniques).

You can then purchase more sessions if you wish to perform better.
Just call us: 91 188 50 27  or  633 622 779 or email us!

How to propose the idea of a massage to your partner


This is one of the questions most couples make to us when considering coming to our place.
Often men, more than women,make such a question, by phone or email: how to raise with your girlfriend or wife the possibility of receiving our massages together .

Well, the first thing is you have to be totally honest: is NOT a good idea to book a session for both without telling your partner " to surprise her" . Doing this will make her get mad at you, because we, girls, feel " forced" if we haven't had time to know what is actually an erotic massage, and so ith will be very difficult to get her to relax , enjoy , take the initiative ... and so she may decide to "think about it " and "maybe" come back another day.

This will only be your fault , not hers . Girls need time to learn the new proposals, especially if they are sensual theme; we attach great importance to confidence and security of our relationship and we do not like "surprises" .

Also we prefer to share with you the process of finding these " hot " sites online, watch several and pick the one both of you like , choose date ( there are certain " dates " that just don't suit ... ) , choose type of massage .. .

Even being together when calling for reservation , ask all the questions and so be confident, so that this special day everything will be perfect .

Recently we read in the Diario de Mallorca , on the Valentine theme , an interview with psychologist Anna Gil where she comments that " To innovate in relationships is communication important that both parts of the couple involved ."

So from Majestic we recommend you to always chat with your companion about the idea of trying a massage and this way avoid as possible to hide any fact: it is better to sit together in front of the computer and browse our site to know exactly what our services consist of and all the choices and adaptations to your preferences we can offer you.

What type of massage for couples are available?

For those who are spending some time in Madrid with your partner, our Center has several types of massage to offer:

If this is the first time you visit us, you may start with a relaxing corporal massage of medium level pleasure, as in Majestic Body to Body (150€ 75 minutes). This is a receptor massage, where the masseuse does all the work and you both enjoy her technics all over your body.

For those who would like to get a little active, not only receiving, you may choose Majestic Mutuo Light, which also includes a section where the masseuse guides you both on her body in a sensual and elegant way (195€ 75 min).

One of our most erotic specialities is our Majestic Mutuo Intense: deep, muscular massage, all body massage where the masseuse uses hands, armas, breast, womb, bottom, feet, etc developing different techniques, including one with Exotic Material like Hot Stones, Feathers, Bamboo... The erotic part is longer and quite intense, and during almos all the massage the couple is asked to also interact freely with the masseuse (300€ 75min).

Tantric Madrid - Madrid Massage Majestic

Tantric Madrid: a new, surprising experience to enjoy in your trip to Madrid.

We offer a very relaxing massage in Madrid. This combines sedative, self-control technics taken from Tantric phylosophy to take the person to a high arousal state, in a respectful and quiet atmosphere.
The masseuse uses her body in a very original and elegant way. Special feet massage, you will feel her toes, legs and bottom sliding through your body. Hot, soft oil will cover her body completely, and she will become a wonderful massage instrument applied in an artistic way.

Tantric Madrid experience available now in Majestic Madrid Massage : ask your masseuse to perform a long, intense, tantric massage at the end of any Majestic Session you choose, leave it all in her hands, relax and follow her guidelines to reach the most intense pleasure your body can feel.

Madrid Massage - Reservation in Majestic

Our massage parlour has four Thematic Rooms you may choose: Japan, Egypt, Arabia and India.
Majestic Madrid massage includes a part that depends on the Room you prefer (bamboo, feathers, aromatic herbs or hot stones).

To book your Majestic Session you may call  +34 633 622 779 or +34 91 188 50 2710.00 - 22.00  Mon-Fri , 12.00 - 21.00 Sat - Sun .
You can also ask for your massage  via email, indicating date and time that suits with your schedule. If you like a masseuse in particular, you may ask if she will be available.

We are located in Plaza de Santa Ana 1 (No 1, St. Ann Square), quite close to Sol Square, just in the center of Madrid, in the tourist area.

Thanks for choosing us, hope to see you soon!

Body Massage Downtown Madrid - Majestic Massages

Whether it is business or leisure what brings you to our beautiful city, spending some time to relax your body and mind is never a waste of it.

For that any of the massages we offer will do the trick. 
Are you very tired and wish to let your masseuse be "in charge" during your Session? No problem, ask for a Body2Body Massage and enjoy a quiet, sensual journey.
Maybe you are full of strenght and active, in that case a Visual Intense, performed by two spanish, beautiful masseuses, is perfect for you.

Anyway, take some time to visit us: we are the best Massage Parlour you will find in Madrid
Erotic, different, surprising massages given by sensual, skilled, nice masseuses, good service, quality, experience... we love our job.

Our Massage CenterMajestic Massages, is located in downtown Madrid, quite close to Sol Square: No 1, St. Ann Square, just beside the Queen Victoria ME Hotel.

Give us a chance! You will come back...

Let's catch a glimpse of a Majestic Massages Session

A sensual and friendly voice can be heard through your iphone... she is one of our beautiful masseuses doing her best to explain herself in english, so that you can make it to our Massage Parlour!

Not difficult to find, our Center is located just beside the ME Hotel in St. Ann Square, downtown Madrid. 
You ring downstairs,front  door opens inmediatly: you arrived on time.

Upstairs, your masseuse invites you inside. Quiet music, incense fragrances surrounds you , but you are unable to notice nothing but her smile and kindness as she walks you through your Thematic Room.

While having a beverage and some chocolates, she explains several differences between the massages we offer. You can see the prices clearly on our Menu Massage.

After some chat about your preferences you decide the service. She then shows the shower cabin to you and gives you all the commodities you may need. She is going to prepare herself also for your massage, and will come back when you finish showering and lay down on the massage couch.

End of Part One....

San Isidro's Holidays - Majestic Massages Open

This week the city of Madrid celebrates the "Verbena of San Isidro", so some days shops will be closed. However, our Massage Center will open its doors as usually, from 12.00pm to 10.00pm.

Do not foget to make your appointment in advance by email ( ) or by phone ( +34 633 622 779), and enjoy a wonderful body massage given by skilled, beautiful, spanish masseuses.

See you soon!

Hotel Massage Madrid - Majestic Sessions


Call us: 91 188 50 27  or  +34 633 622 779.
Outcalls have no extra charge, only taxi in case we need it. Just tell us date and time, address and room number; we will call you to your hotel room just to check you are there, and a masseuse will travel with everything needed for your massage.
Your masseuse is a highly professional but very erotic girl; however, she will dress like a normal woman, so discretion at your hotel is guaranteed.

Please note that booking in advance is recommended, as we will need some time to schedule your session, prepare materials and reach your hotel.

Wait for us after having a quick shower, with soft lights and music, although we will bring different melodies in a device.

Individual skin neurons that react to massage found

We read in Nature's January's issue that a team of biologists at Caltech found and identified  individual neurons that were activated by massage-like stroking of the skin, in an experiment developed with mices.

One of the investigators points out that a lot is known about the neurons that detect things that make us hurt or feel pain, anger or fear. However, not much is known about how neurons work regarding good feelings like good taste for instance, as it is more difficult to show positive influence traces in animal models. The team had to develope a new model to ellaborate their research, indeed.

Through a painstaking process of applying stimuli to one tiny area of the animal's body at a time, they were able to confirm that certain neurons lit up only when stroked. But scientists had to demonstrate that this massages strokness feeling was felt as good by the mouse. For that they made mices choose between different pathways. Depending of what drug mices had taken -the one which activates massage stroke-neurons, or a placebo- they took different ways. The experiment showed that those who had received the drug that made them "feel stroked", like a massage for persons, chose to take the way that took them to the place where they received that same drug again, to feel that sensation again. This way, scientists could deduce that mices experienced that massage feeling in a "good way".

You may read the full report at Medical Express Massage Neurons.